Referral (Multi-level)

Add a full-fledged multi-layered referral system to your site. Users can refer other users and earn commissions. Use this feature to help you leverage your platform's existing user base to rope in even more users.

Installation Duration : 10 business days

Support : 6 Months

Multi Level Referral System
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All You Need to Know About 'Referral (Multi-level)' Here's How it Works?

Commission Model

You can pick this to be either a "Flat Fee" commission (where you set a fixed but customizable token credit for the referrer), or a “% of the Lifetime Spending” of the referred User.

Minimum Criteria for Flat Fee

If you opt for a flat commission model, you can set a customizable criteria for a successful referral. For example, after the referred user spends a minimum of x amount on the site.

Multi-layered Referral

It is a multi-layered referral commission system, i.e. the commissions will be credited to the actual referring user, as well as the referrer of the referrer, if there is any.

Utilization of Commission Credits

The commission gets added to the user’s token balance. Users can utilize this for all their transactions on the site, like purchasing PPV videos, tipping, or private/paid streams.

Tracking Commission Credits

All the referral commissions credited are tracked on admin and user ends. Users can find the referral commissions they’ve received in their transaction report as a positive token credit.

How to Convey

To advertise the referral program you offer to your users, you can use the in-built site banners or even customize the image seen on the user login page to convey the referral program.