Live Stream Recordings

Record your live streaming sessions for your fans who could not join live. The streams are automatically converted into videos and are available in a separate section that your subscribers can access later, forever.

Installation Duration : 10 Business Days

Support : 6 Months

Live Stream Recordings
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All You Need to Know About 'Live Stream Recordings'
Here's How it Works?

How is it showcased?

All the stream recordings are displayed in their own separate section, away from the subscriber or PPV videos. Users can sort by most viewed, most purchased, and by latest.

Sell recordings

Mark a recording as free-for-subscribers or in case it was a paid stream, mark it for some $ amount or tokens. Can access the streams they've bought in their Purchased Gallery section.

Disable recording

At the beginning of any livestream, you will have the option to disable its recording. There will also be a checkbox with which you can set the default status of this selection.

Live Chat Simulation

To simulate the experience of watching it live, as well as to show the live exchanges that happened on stream, the recordings will also show a running chat transcript.