Live and Interactive Thumbnails

Take the feel and functionality of your site a full notch higher with Live Thumbnails. Instead of the model's static avatar, use live pictures from the ongoing stream as thumbnails, and also show stream preview on hover.

Installation Duration : 10 Business Days

Support : 6 Months

Live and Interactive Thumbnails
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All You Need to Know About 'Live and Interactive Thumbnails'
Here's How it Works?

Refresh Intervals

Admin can set to refresh thumbnails for all cam tiles at different intervals - 30/60/90 seconds. Admin can also turn this feature off so that only the model avatar is shown on thumbnails.


When hovering over a thumbnail, a five-sec preview of the ongoing stream is shown. A loading bar tucked at the top indicates the load time. Also works on mobile with a tap-and-hold action.

Applicable for

This is applicable only for public streams. If the model is offline, online but not streaming, or in a private/group show, then only the avatar will be displayed, with respective tags.