Featured Creators

With this add-on, you can feature different performers on your site for a fee. Highlighting some profiles prominently over others brings them more exposure and also adds another source of revenue for the platform.

Installation Duration : 10 business days

Support : 6 Months

Featured Creators
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All You Need to Know About 'Featured Creators'
Here's How it Works?

Number of Featured Profiles

The default number of model profiles that can be featured right on the homepage is 10. You can however increase or decrease this count from the admin control panel.

Show up on the Banner

Models can end up on the site banner for an added fee. If you don’t wish to offer this, you can turn it off. They upload the banners themselves which will be used automatically, if you approve.

Listing Duration and Price

Models can choose a maximum of seven days for the featured listing. You can set prices for different durations. They can pay either with their card or use their earnings balance too.

Opt-in Restrictions

When models make the booking, the system automatically highlights the dates available since any of the chosen dates may already have received the maximum number of bookings.

Showcase Logic and Tag

The featured profiles will be shown at the top of the homepage, but get randomized among themselves. They will also receive a tag that can be customized to say VIP/Featured, and so on.