Custom Video Request

With this add-on, the models can be provided with an additional monetization channel and site owner can make an additional revenue. Users can request their favourite model for a custom made video - exclusively made for them. 

Installation Duration : 12-15 business days 

Support : 6 Months

Custom Video Request
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All You Need to Know About 'Custom Video Request'
Here's How it Works?

Request Option

Models profile have an option for users to request for custom video - "Custom Video Request"

Pre-set Requests

Models can list different types of pre-set requests (With Pricing) from which users can select one with a description box explaining how they want the video to be with specifics.

Delivery Date & Payment

Users can select - Date - by which they would want the video to be delivered and pay for it with their wallet / card.

Tracking & Delivery

Option in Model dashboard to track custom requests + option in user dashboard to track requests and download video when models deliver.

Site Owner Commission

Site owner can take commission off this earnings as well