Facts about sex

Ever wondered what happened behind those thudding flowers in a movie? Or when the protagonist takes the girl to a secluded place?

Imagine how the things would have panned out?

Facts about sex

Well, sex has had its quota of taboos associated with it but little do we know the benefits that surround it. Most of the societies across the globe have their respective quota of stereotypes associated with sex – the most formidable one is talking about it openly.

Having groomed our societal values, we need to come out of the secluded spaces to freely talk about sex and its genuine practices.

Here are a few interesting facts about sex that I bet you would have little or no knowledge about.

So, let’s get started –

Sex facts

We have explained briefly about all these points.

Choosing between Treadmill and Sex

Most of us spend worrying about removing those extra carbs that we gathered in recent times. For them, I have this simple question – Will you start having more sex sessions if I tell you this fact? Well, most of us will.

Some studies suggest that a fierce sex session can burn around 200 calories which is equivalent to running 15 minutes on a treadmill. Well, we believe that a fierce sex session of around 15 minutes will burn this much calorie.

So, why run when you can lose weight by just having fun?

Regular sex is the key 

While the above point helps for average sex outings, things always turn sideways for others. It is estimated that 1.1 million men and more than 800,000 women in the age group of 25-45 in the US have never had sex. This is a staggering fact given that sex is the most common topic coming out in a social gathering.

So, what’s the delay for? Start getting laid!

Lack of Orgasm?

Ever seen porn stars wearing stockings or socks while having fierce sex sessions?

Well, there is a reason for it.  Let me explain.

In one of the studies conducted in the United Kingdom, it was found that men and women wearing socks while having sex were able to reach orgasm 80% times more than those that didn’t.

Can we blame your cold feet for you not getting to that orgasm? Well, substantially cold feet can derail from having a contemplating sex session.

Facebook or Twitter after sex?

What do you do after a fierce session of sex? Well, in my case, I start to write a blog but what do you do?

There is an interesting thing about sex associated with it that can potentially blow your mind. Most of the people under the age of 35 confessed to having opened a social media like Instagram, Facebook or Twitter after having sex.

Is this because they want to check if other people have had such a happening life? That is yet to be seen.

Does Household chores, anybody?

While the above stat holds true for most people, there are a significant number of people who still have house jobs in their mind after sex. More than 3% of women have planned to go about after having sex sessions.

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While it may sound hilarious, it is true for most of the married women.

Vibrators for treatment?

Used a vibrator?

While you won’t get bored of it, surgeons in the 19th century used to get bored of it. At that point in time, vibrators were mostly used for treating women of hysteria and the surgeons used to find it a boring and time-consuming job.

This makes up for an interesting thing about sex. Well, I don’t think so. Do you?

Do tight pants lead to Impotency?

Imagine the rock era? Now the tight pants worn by RnB stars that time?

 Were they really tight?

Because a study revealing the causes of impotency leads to two possible causes – smoking cigarettes and tight pants. While the first can get lots of approvals, the other is sure to raise some eyebrows.

But, the sad part of it being completely true hurts me.

Can you relate to June?

Can you remember the month when you lost your virginity for the first time? Most of us don’t but a survey reveals that most Americans lose their virginity in the month of June.

The catch?

Well, June happens to be the month when most people walk out for vacations and boating, a typical romantic gateway. Most high schools too consider this month for vacations.

So, won’t be an exaggeration if I say, June lost virginity in June!

The fantasies?

Sneaking out with faculties or teaching assistants? Well, your secrets are no more secrets.

In schools and colleges, it’s pretty hard to suppress such news and has been confirmed by a survey as well.

A survey reveals that 40% of people know of such stories going rounds in the school or colleges. Never thought, rumors can have such mouth!

Talking dirty during sex

There is a harsh reality to sex. While most men and women tend to have a gentle and soft relationship in public, it turns completely upside down while being on the bed and it is mostly true for women.

A crazy sex fact reveals that most women want to talk dirty during sex than men. Well, most men fantasize about those women as well.

Never knew such facts? Do you feel enriched? Well, I feel more than welcome to have lent such wonderful insights. Keep joining for such fun sex facts.

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