how to pay an escort

Do’s and Don’ts in Escort Industry

It’s not uncommon to see strippers working as escorts. It’s equally not uncommon to see webcam girls donning the mantle of escorts. Make no mistake – Escorts aren’t prostitutes. In many countries, prostitutes work in brothels. In a vast majority … Read More

Adult business

What Type of Adult Business Should I Start? How Much Money Can I Make with Porn Business?

“What type of business should I start?” We both know there are numerous adult businesses that you can start… But which one is the right for YOU? You can learn that here. Since we want to make things easier for … Read More

Avengers: The Infinity War Porn Searches Skyrocketing on Pornhub

At the end of Infinity War, Thanos initiated the snap and wiped out half the humanity. At the end of Infinity Porn, audiences drained out their ball sacks. At the end of Infinity War, people are left tear-eyed. They are … Read More

How to Start a Porn Site

How to Start a Porn Site and Make $100,000 per Month

Today, I’m going to make you awesome in setting up a porn site. It’s been long accepted that the best way to know the mechanics of adult industry is to start a porn website. Perhaps, this is why there’s little … Read More

how to become a good escort

20 Things to Note Before Becoming a Good Escort

Adult entertainment industry is huge. There’s a lot of free porn. Truth be told, a vast majority of free porn is unethical. To compete with amateurs, professionals are pandering to certain disturbing, addictive, violent, abusive and misogynistic fetishes. There are … Read More

adult webcam model

How to protect yourself as an Adult webcam model? Security checklist 101.

Adult webcam models should be extremely careful. Of course, they don’t meet clients in real life. As they don’t meet clients in real life, they are unlikely to contract any Sexually Transmitted Diseases (STDs).  They just have to play by … Read More

How to Make Money as a Cam Girl

Do Cam Girls Make Money? How Much Money do Cam Girls Make?

Amateur webcam girls often ask me this question- Which among Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Tumblr is the most adult-friendly social media platform? I wholeheartedly quip “Twitter is the best and most adult-friendly social media platform so far”. My answer could … Read More

Selling Nudes Online

How to Make Money by Selling Nudes Online | Sell Nudes Online

The debate between premium porn and free porn is far from over. Slimmest of parameters can impact the discretion and conscious choices of users. There are sites such as, etc., which attract billions and billions of visitors every … Read More

make money from sex chat

Is SEXTING Dead? Can People Actually Make Money From Sex Chat?

Contrary to what most people think… Sexting is still alive… And it’s more alive than ever before! Just think about it… When there was no texting at all, what did people do? They met every day… They did some cool … Read More

start escort business

How To Start an Escort Business?

Starting an escort business is as easy as starting an adult website. You don’t need office space or advertisement billboards around the city to start and become successful in business. It all can be done right from your home. Although … Read More