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Beginners Guide for Adult Cams Affiliate Marketing

What is the biggest thing wanted online? The answer is PORN. Affiliate marketers can make extra-ordinary amounts if they can get a site massive popularity. That being said, the role of affiliate marketers is not limited to just promoting webcams … Read More

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OhMiBod vs Lovense – Which Is Best??

Ever heard of sound controlled vibrators? Two major companies that manufacture sound controlled vibrators are OhMiBod and Lovense. Known for its Bluetooth driven sex toys, OhMiBod is the favorite of many webcam models. Lovense often projects itself as a manufacturer … Read More

Facebook Marketing

Facebook Marketing for Adult Websites

Revenge Porn – Mark Zuckerberg has a solution A few days ago, Facebook was in news for all the right reasons. Mark Zuckerberg, the founder and CEO of the world’s largest social networking platform, said that he shall leverage image … Read More

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Interactive Webcam from Chaturbate: The Future of Webcam Sites

Adult Webcam Industry Adult webcam industry, which forms an intrinsic part of adult entertainment industry, is a huge industry in itself. Undoubtedly, its popularity has grown by leaps and bounds in the past few years. Young and curious porn audiences … Read More

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Terpon: Virtual Reality Webcam Device for Webcam Site Owners

Definition of Virtual Reality Porn industry is evolving every day. From VHS porn to webcams, adult entertainment industry has come a long way. Today, the buzzword is ‘Virtual Reality.’ Virtual reality is essentially about placing the users in a 3D … Read More

Pay Simple

PayPal Alternative for Adult Websites: PaySimple

PayPal and Stripe Facilitating payments and transactions is supposed to be the great success story of PayPal. Right from its various integration options to well-rounded features, PayPal positions itself as a go-to destination for many online sellers. Another payment platform … Read More

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Sexting with Pornstars – SextPanther Business Model Review

Lingo in adult entertainment industry is unbelievably extra-ordinary. The new word in the lexicon of adult entertainment industry is Sexting. This term evolved in the 21st century. Quite clearly, it is a portmanteau of the two terms: sex and texting. … Read More

xStreamer Lite V2 launched – Free Video Tube Script

Hi, We’re happy to launch the version 2.0 of xStreamer Lite – Free adult tube script. More than 2000+ people have downloaded xStreamer Lite V1.0 and this major update will provide optimized code & Auto install wizard with step by … Read More

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5 Things to Check Before Buying a Live Webcam Script

Mediocrity in the camming industry often eventuates in guffaws. Mediocrity besmirches the good will of porn viewers. Not only does it have a grave effect on the earnings of the porn stars but also debases the good will of loyal … Read More

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5 Things to do After Starting an Adult Tube Site

There is no paucity of adult tube sites on the web. Adult tube sites are known for their timeless profitable business models.  While it is so obvious why anyone would ever start a porn venture or create a porn site, … Read More