xCams - Adult Live Streaming Webcam Software

xCams is a turnkey live video chat software with pay per minute billing and tips. xCams runs on a high performance web technology to enable you to run your own adult webcam website. Multiple adult friendly payment gateways built in! xCams is quick & easy set-up with hundreds of performer features, dedicated studio dashboard and robust admin backend to manage your business.

With xCams, you can host hundreds of models earning money for each chat session and growing your business income by attracting more customers. xCams comes with 100% source code, highly customizable and easy to setup and use.

Start your own Live webcam business in 24 hours.

xCams live video chat software

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xCams is our adult live video chat software for setting up an adult live webcam website. Easy to setup and use – built on a scalable architecture and cutting edge technology ( it doesn’t use flash ). Even a non-technical person can run a live webcam business with our xCams software.

xCams can be used for both adult and non-adult projects. If you’re planning to build pay per minute (PPM) and tips video chat sites, xCams is the way to go.

xCams has 4 major roles in the business flow. End user, Models, Studios and Website owner. Each role has a separate dashboard to manage and run the business. End user will have their own user dashboard where they can purchase tokens, watch live webcams, buy products. Models dashboard is where models login and Go LIVE. They can stream from their webcam, sell videos and photo sets. 

Studio dashboard is where studio owners sign in and manage their models, earnings, commission reports etc. Admin backend is where the website owner logs in and manages everyone and the entire business process.

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xCams can be used to build a live video chat website / marketplace like LiveJasmin, Chaturbate, Bongacams, MyFreeCams, Camsoda etc. These are adult live webcam websites which host hundreds of models, studios and hundred thousands of users.

With xCams, you can also build non-adult projects like Remote consulting service businesses like consultants, teachers, personal trainers, tutors, therapists, mediums, tarot readers, spiritual healers, psychic readers, astrologists, herbalists, lawyers, financial / tax / legal advisors, technicians or other professionals that can provide remote assistance, interventions, shows and services.

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xCams – Adult Live Video Chat Webcam Script

We’ve developed a number of monetization modules for xCams, which between them serve to offer you some serious opportunities for a quick return on your investment. They are:

  • Private 1 on 1 chat session with per minute billing
  • Group chat session with per minute billing
  • Peek shows on 1 on 1 sessions ( voyeur chat ) with per minute billing.
  • Tipping feature – where models can receive tips from customers.
  • Models can sell premium content – photo sets and videos.
  • Models can sell digital subscription like Snapchat account, WhatsApp, Instagram private DM’s etc.

Additional revenue channels – can be built upon request. Doesn’t come by default with xCams.

  • Membership subscription – where you can offer membership subscription for your users and give them free tokens to spend on the website. You can offer different levels of membership access and offer them free tokens and access area to exclusive content.


All Adent products are built in-house by top class engineers who’ve worked in some high growth startups in the Silicon Valley and also in big name companies like Google, Amazon, etc.

  • * Clean database structure and Optimized Queries for a super-fast website
  • * Code based on Laravel Framework. Well documented and clean. Easy to find talent to customize
  • * Super secure code. Protects against the evil hackers
  • * SEO optimized URLs and content.
  • * Video conversion / encoding done in background processes or using external services
  • * Uses Laravel’s template engine and can be easily edited like editing an HTML file

It uses similar high performance web technology that powers top live video chatting sites like Twitch, Facebook Live, Google hangouts etc.

live streaming script

xCams comes with tonnes of addons and modules. Apart from these modules, we at Adent take on custom work from time to time. Please reach out to us to check our availability on taking up xCams customization projects.


OS – Ubuntu 16.x
HTTPS for domain – used for video call since we use WebRTC
Web server – Nginx (http://nginx.org/)
PHP >= 5.5.9
+ OpenSSL PHP Extension
+ PDO PHP Extension
+ Mbstring PHP Extension
+ Tokenizer PHP Extension
Redis (http://redis.io/)
+ >= 2.8
NodeJS (https://nodejs.org)
+ >= 4.2.x
FFMPEG (https://ffmpeg.org/)
Support 2 libraries
+ libx264
+ fdk-aac
MySQL (https://www.mysql.com/)
Npm version: 1.3.X

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xCams Power packed features

xCams enables you to create a highly profitable and successful Live webcam business. Check the major features of xCams video chat software.

Fully Rebrandable

It’s your site. You should be free to host it on your own servers! We respect this, and even provide free setup and Installation on your server. You can rebrand and add your own business name, logo, change color skin and design etc. You will have full access to all PHP files, MySQL database and content uploaded recorded on your site.

Multiple payment gateways

xCams comes with CCBill payment gateway. CCBill is one of the leading payment gateway providers for the adult industry. The credit card processing payment provider has VISA and MasterCard provided for your customers.

Full variety of live chats

xCams has 4 different types of live video chat available to customers. Models can go on private 1 on 1 paid chat, multiple people group chat, Peak shows voyeur chat and free chat where users can chat with the models.

Performer goal system

Models can update status message and set goals. If they reach their goal, they can reveal more to their users. Goals are achieved by token counts. Example – Model sets 400 tokens to strip tease. Users tip and once model reaches 400 tokens, she can perform what is promised and the system automatically resets the status update and token count to 0.

Paid video and photo galleries

Models can upload both free and paid video and photo sets in their profile. The free photo and video sets can be viewed by anyone. The Paid videos and images need to be unlocked by paying tokens. This allow performers to earn money even when offline! This strategy has proven to be a great source of extra income while the model is sleeping.

High tech technology

xCams is powered by WebRTC, Turn server, Node.js, Laravel, MySQL, Nginx. It is designed to work reliably even if you have tens of thousands of users connected at the same time. This is accomplished by load-balancing the video stream, the database, and the static content.

Responsive template

xCams have a responsive design that adapts to different screen size and resolutions. The designs are simple for users to comprehend. The interface is basic and simple, and the video chat design line is industry standard.

Performer set own pricing

Models can set her own pricing for Private chat & group chat. Models can set her pricing to sell photo and video sets, digital platform subscriptions like Snapchat, WhatsApp, Instagram etc. The website owner sets the minimum pricing below which the model cannot price it.

Private messaging

Users can send a private message to models and vice versa. Users will be able to stay in touch with their favorite performers and have private conversations any time.

Control cost of paid chat

The site owner can set the basic minimum pricing for private chat, group chat and other items. Models cannot price it lower than the mentioned price. Models can set their own pricing which should be above the minimum rate.

Ban / Kick users from chat room

Models can ban or kick out users from the chat room temporarily. This gives a peace of mind for the models and other users in the chat room when someone starts abusive language or violating terms.

Unlimited models and studios

There is no limit on having number of models on board. The same goes with Studios. You can have unlimited models and studios signed up with your platform. The software is build for scalability and security.

Geo-blocking users

Many models give up because they are afraid that someone they know can see them on cam site. To protect your model’s privacy – the geo restriction feature helps her to block users from certain countries to visit her profile page.

Setup calendar and events

Models can setup calendar and events in her profile. She can announce her availability and next cam show via calendar interface.

6 Reasons why xCams is the BEST

Top reasons why xCams is the BEST Live video chat software available


It uses WebRTC with Turnserver to power live streaming, Nodejs for real time chat with Socket.io and Stable PHP Laravel framework with MySQL. Can also use WebRTC Kurento.

Scalability & code quality

xCams designed to work reliably even if you have tens of thousands of users connected at the same time. This is accomplished by load-balancing the video stream, the database, and the static content.

Business model

Our business model is one of the most popular in the video chat industry. All features are exactly where they ought to be, and all the features perform as they should.

Enterprise features

We’ve build xCams with enterprise level features. From high load efficiency and scalability, to HD broadcasting capabilities, we’ve got it – or will get it for you in no time.

Mobile compatibility

We use the cutting edge technology for live streaming. We’ve used WebRTC – using this will make your live stream work on all mobile devices (Apple, Android and Windows devices).

24x7 Support team

Our team is also readily available to customize your portal with any changes and add-ons you may need, and to offer technical consultancy in adult industry niche.

Key Monetization Channels in xCams

Total of six revenue channels are available with xCams. More can be customized.

Private 1 on 1 chat with Per minute billing

Private 1 to 1 chat is understood from the name itself.

User and the model will go on a private one to one chat on per minute billing basis.

The system allows the user to call a Model on Private chat only if the user has required number of tokens. The system automatically checks if the user has minimum number of tokens for Private chat and tokens are deducted in the first second of the call.

Example: Model sets 15 tokens per minute. User tries to Private call a model. The system checks if the user has minimum of 15 tokens and only then allows the user to make a call. If the user ends the call at 35th second, the system deducts 15 tokens. If the user ends at 59th second, deducts 15 tokens

xCams live video chat software

Group chat, multiple users, paid chat.

Group paid chat – multiple users are billed to chat with the performer.

Up to 10 users at a time, models can take request from these 10 people and perform as per their wish.

This is billed on per minute basis and cheaper than private chat.

While on group chat, the user can tip and text chat with the model.

xCams live video chat software

Peek shows, 1 on 1 with others peeking, paid chat

Peek Mode” allows other customers to “spy” on private sessions at a lower cost.

Peeking customers do not have access to text chat.

xCams live video chat software

Sell Premium Content Photos & Videos

Paid videos and images allow you and your performers to earn money even when offline!

This strategy has proven to be a great source of extra income while the model is sleeping.

As a site owner, you make your commissions on all revenue channels. Token generated by the models through video calls + selling merchandise.

xCams live video chat software

Free Chat & Tipping function

Multiple users, free chat – this allows multiple users to chat with the performer at no cost. 

This is the most common chat which is viewable by all users ( registered, un-registered free users too)

There is a tipping function where the users can tip the models. When the model is not busy, she makes money on the free chat by receiving tips from several users.

She sets tip goals and does perform when she reaches the goal. Fun activity!

xCams live video chat software

Real time analytics of chat room

In free chat, performers will be able to see the balance and country of every user.

This will make it easier for performers to choose who they want to flirt with… and will mean bigger profits for everybody.

Performers and users will also be able to view the maximum available time for private chats.

xCams live video chat software

Check Live Demo of our xCams ( Front end, Backend, Model login, Studio login )

How much can I earn?

1 Model $1 / minute, You earn 0.50 / minute.

Average 1 model – 3h private in 8h online.

You earn $1800 / month from 1 model ( 8h / day, 20d/ month )

10 performers – $18000 / month

100 performers – $180k / month

It all starts with $1499 Investment.

PS : Price per minute is usually higher. Video and gift sales not factored in.

xCams live video chat software

Oh mi bod / Lovense toys integration

With xCams, you can integrate Oh mi bod and Lovense sex toys. These are vibrators that vibrate based on the user’s tip amount.

It vibrates for few seconds if the user tipped 100+ tokens.. Virbates more time when the tip amount is high.

With these integrated toys, your models can make more money. You can learn about Oh mi bod, Lovense and understand how they work.

xCams live video chat software

Growth hacking mobile app for users

You can provide android and iOS app for your users.

This app is for users to get instant push notification when their favorite model is online.

As a business owner – you always keep your users coming back to the site and generate more income.

xCams live video chat software

You’re in good company

Some of our clients using xCams platform to run their business

Premium product at Non-premium price.

We’ve got the perfect pricing for you. Nobody is too big or too small for us.

One time cost. No hidden fees.
  • Web platform
  • No mobile apps
  • Free Installation & Setup
  • All features included.
  • Life time support
  • Free upgrades for Life.
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One time cost. No hidden fees.
  • Web platform
  • Android & iOS mobile apps
  • Free Installation & Setup
  • Free Mobile installation
  • All features included.
  • Life time support
  • Free upgrades for Life.
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Frequently Asked Questions

please read the FAQ before buying! Thanks.

Can I customize this script after purchase?

Yes, the script can be altered to fit your needs. 

How many members and performers can I have online at once?

We have not placed limitations on anything in this script. Hosting plays a roll in this.

I don't know what kind of hosting to get, can you help?

Yes, we can help you get setup with exactly what you need to host this script. Email us for more information.

How do members add funds to their accounts?

There is a built in payment gateway that allows members to add funds 24/7 in real time. Funds are available right away. 

Are there live models on the demo site?

No, there are no live models on our demo.

Where can I find performers?

There are many ways to find willing performers. Contact us for more information on finding performers.

Will you you do custom changes to this script after purchase?

Yes, we do custom builds and we also do customizations to our script, email us to get a quote.

How much is custom design?

This depends on what you need done, each job requires a custom quote. 

How much will hosting cost for this script?

Hosting prices vary quite a bit, the monthly hosting cost to get started is rather inexpensive but expect the hosting fee’s to go up as you gain more members and performers. Don’t forget to do the math, members and performers online = income. So hosting fee’s should never be an issue.

Does this script offer live pay per minute video chat?

Yes, That is exactly what it offers. Free & paid chat as well as a tipping system and percentage payout system.

Do you offer hosting?

No we do not currently offer hosting but we do have recommendations listed on our site. Check M3 Hosting – https://www.m3server.com/promo/adent/

Do you offer installation?

Yes we do offer installation, just email us and we can explain to you exactly what we need from you to start.

Can I install this script myself?

Yes, if you are familiar with installing and setting up PHP scripts with WebRTC Turnserver Live streaming then you can follow our installation instructions to install the script yourself. It is recommended that you avail the Free Installation by our team.

Step by Step Blueprint
Learn the secrets of running a successful adult business.

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