Meet the team that brings out world class solutions in a Nut shell is a leading provider of turnkey software for the adult industry.

What is a turnkey software? A turnkey solution in IT is a finished and complete system, where the customer just has to turn it on ( turn a key ) to start using it. The main purpose of a turnkey solution is, you save a lot of time and money on developing such complex software from the scratch. brings in world class adult software products with a cutting edge technology in a powerful and scalable manner. All our products are 100% open source and comes with industry leading desktop, mobile and tablet designs.

We’re technology driven and always strive to stay ahead of the game with our product’s features and capabilities.

What Makes Unique ? products are 100% open source. None of the adult software providers in the market are 100% open source, either provide you with some sort of encryption or you pay monthly subscription fees to host your website on their server.

The disadvantage of this, you don’t have a complete control over your business. You are locked and you cannot move outside or improve your business technically. You have to wait till they provide a new feature update or fix the issues on their software. You cannot hire any external developers to improve your business technically when other competitors are way ahead of your business on their technology platform.

That’s the whole reason why many of the adult websites like membership sites and webcam portals still function on a decade old design and technology.

How is going to be a game changer?

All our products are 100% open source built on a cutting edge technology and 100% responsive design that can work seamless across desktop, mobile phones and tablets.

All our products comes with MOBILE APPS! It is available both for Android and iOS.

Pricing – Our products have ONE time pricing. No recurring cost. No hidden costs.

6 Reasons to Own Products?

100% Open source. No encryption.
Cutting edge technology that is Powerful and Scalable.
$0 – No setup fee / Installation cost.
24×7 Support agents available.
Hundred’s of Monetization channels.
Exclusive partners with Popular Ad networks.

What is Vision? has one simple vision – To make the technology available at low cost for all the Adult content site owners.

To give all our products FREE of cost $0 and keep providing support on the technology and upgrading our products.

We want to break the myth that Low cost products are unusable and defective. Our goal is to produce high quality software products for the Adult Industry that are Powerful and Scalable to millions.

We’re also into Virtual Reality ( oculus rift development ) & 3D gaming for Adult Industry.

Is Products Right For Me?

If you are an Adult content owner and want to make the most money possible from your investment we want to talk to you. Give us a call at 408-909-5136 or email us at [email protected] and we will be happy to get you started.

Give us 15 minutes or few emails if we can't convince you, no one can!
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