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Videos, audios, text, blog, orgasmic stories and pictures of models – you can find all of these on Tumblr.

While this adult-content friendly platform hosts different formats of content, recent regulations have worried adult webmasters like me. Tumblr announced a ban on pornography and nudity on December 3, 2018.

Tumblr Clone

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In the wake of child pornography being uploaded on Tumblr, the restrictions seem reasonable amid tightening regulations.

But many adult viewers believe that this decision would deprive them of getting their favorite source of porn and NSFW content. Tumblr, however, will allow photos, GIFs, and videos which show real human genitals or female genitals or sex erotica.

How much Porn is on Tumblr?

Tumblr was started as a site where one can share one’s blogs with anyone and at the same time share important content for a specific purpose.

However, truth be told, porn and particularly NSFW videos motivated people to join this social site. Soon, it became a den of porn content and there were discussions as to how much porn was available on Tumblr.

tumblr for adult industry

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To answer this question, two researchers from two universities in Italy and Bell Labs collaborated. They analyzed the data available on Tumblr and Flickr. For your information, Tumblr is owned by Yahoo! Inc. and Flickr was bought by SmugMug.

 Once they completed the research, they published it on arXiv preprint server and some part of the research was shared at a conference as well. The research samples were gathered from 130 million Tumblr users and 39 million Flickr users. 

They concluded that Tumblr has a lot of porn while Flickr has insignificant amounts of porn.

The Road ahead – Tumblr Clone

So, once Tumblr decides to close its doors permanently, what will happen to the massive volumes of porn? Will the producers be able to export it to other sites where they feel confident about getting the amount of traffic they want?

Will Tumblr lose its sheen?

Will people visit Tumblr ever again?

Well, these questions are unanswered as nothing is clear.

While the decision of bringing down pornographic content from Tumblr disappointed many, there are many alternative platforms.

If you are interested in generic pornographies, you may find a handful of sites such as Erika Lust, Pink and White Productions, TRENCHCOATx, Joy Bear Pictures, Bright Desire, and Arts Erotica. These sites may not offer raw sexual content. However, your desires can be fulfilled to some extent.

Are you an adult content enthusiast?

Do you want to lend awesome pornographic experiences to your users?

If you say a chest thumping ‘Yes’, then creating a Tumblr clone is of extensive use to people like us.

Picture this scenario – You can tap millions of web hits. You can monetize the traffic and rake in the bucks!

Well – now that you have a similar vision as that of mine, let’s get started.

Tumblr for Adult Industry

Tumblr accounts for more than 130 million generic users who visit the website or application to access their favorite content. While the decision of Tumblr pulling out sexual content may not please them, a Tumblr clone may attract them.

This brings me to the question – how to create a Tumblr clone for the adult industry?

Adult tumblr

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Tumblr clone for the adult industry should have highly sophisticated features.

To understand how a Tumbr clone functions, let’s first understand how Tumblr functions.

Tumblr can be understood as a social media platform where users can get in touch with profiles of their liking. Once they follow a user, they will be able to view different types of content posted there.

People can post their stories, photos, GIFs, TV shows, links, quips, jokes, tracks, MP3s, fashion statements, art and any other sort of activity. It’s a place where you can literally put anything and be proud of your activity.

You can re-blog erotic stories, be smart about the process of re-blogging and acquire a huge following. But in the absence of such content on Tumblr anymore, the prospect of re-blogging seems distant.

Tumblr Clone Features

Under these circumstances, the possibility of a Tumblr Turnkey software seems viable.

Here’s a quick run-down:

User Features

User Account / Personalized Dashboard: You shall have the count on whom you follow and subscribe to.

Like the famous social media platforms, users will have the right to choose their usernames after providing their email ID and password.

In the new turnkey software for Tumblr, there’s a provision for users to interact and follow one another.

Users will also be able to filter the content by post types in a blog or user profile. This helps them see the content they intend to see on their dashboard and timeline.

They will also be able to explore trending pages and publish their favorite Text, Pics, Audio, Videos, Chat, Quotes, and GIFs either from their computer or directly from the web.

On the upload picture button, users will be required to paste the URL of the picture. It will automatically get pasted on the post.

Users can have personalized experiences on Tumblr when they use a custom domain to their Tumblr profile URL such as austin.tumblr.com. 

Personalized Content and Timeline

Admin Panel – the admin of the turkey software will have access to add categories and sub-categories. It would be beneficial considering the fact that the admin can make as many categories and sub-categories of various things on the site that the users like.

Categories are the ones which the users would prefer stories to come from. Sub-categories emerge from categories.

The algorithm shall allow the admin to add more categories and sub-categories as and when he / she finds it apt for the site.

Personalized content is highly important when sites like Tumblr are being considered. Users love to see their favorite content on their wall.

The new user can customize as to what he / she can see on his / her timeline. The new user should explore the various available categories and sub-categories lists.

Users will be able to schedule their blogs. This feature lends great flexibility to users.

Importing Data Made Easy

Importing content from your existing Tumblr blogs – Picture this scenario. You have been consistently posting great content on Tumblr. One unfortunate day, Tumblr decides to block and remove your content.

Don’t panic.  

In such a scenario, the Tumblr clone software will let you import your Tumblr content from your existing Tumblr blogs. You will be able to import videos, photos, etc.

In essence, thanks to Tumblr clone software, there’s zero content loss.

Many sites began to export content to their parental control as soon as they heard about the ban on porn content on Tumblr. A well-known site known by the name The Partiko moved around 50,000 active NSFW blogs from Tumblr to its server.

With the new Tumblr clone, it’s effortlessly easy to move all your existing blogs from Tumblr to your site.

Connecting IDs of Instagram and Twitter

Users can connect their new id to their Twitter and Instagram profiles.

As per industry experts, the likeability of your profile increases 2 folds if you connect your Instagram id with Tumblr clone ID. As a matter of fact, your Tumblr clone ID legitimizes the profile.

In conclusion, this turnkey software gives you a chance to connect your Twitter, Instagram and 4myfans profile.

When you tweet or post something on Twitter, Instagram or 4myfans, the same will get published in your Tumblr profile as well.


There is another interesting addition to this software- the software displays follower- count next to the profile follow button. This is a great example of how social media platforms throw an insight into user engagement metrics.

A person with high follower count is considered legitimate and hence is respected on other platforms as well. Therefore, the possibility of bringing in more people to your Tumblr account is huge.

Finding the personality on Tumblr

This Tumblr turnkey software has been designed to show recommended blogs to the users. This is a remarkable marketing feature considering the fact that people look to find similar content. Any opportunity of finding similar blogs on other profiles does a world of good to them.

Below the post can be found Total Notes which conveys the sum of reposts and likes. On Twitter, a user can either like the post, comment on it, or repost it as his / her own.  The new Tumblr software allows the user to do similar activities.

Understanding the search function

The search function is a major feature of all the popular social media sites. It is where the users find things, profiles, groups or blogs according to their design.

 The Search function lets you:

  • Search by tags – you can use the # to search any of the items that you are looking for
  • You can also search inside individual blogs or user account posts of your favorite blogs or posts.
  • Another important addition to the search bar is the search by Keyword, title or content. This makes searching anything effortlessly easy.

How can the Adult Industry benefit from Tumblr Clone?

With Tumblr banning pornographic content from its site, a few million dollar questions arise:

Will the adult industry benefit or suffer from such outrage?

Will the adult industry be able to replicate this by cloning Tumblr?

How much can the users or producers be able to earn through Tumblr Clone?

Well, it’s early to say that the Tumblr clone will have all the features or benefits that the users come looking for.

The social media giant, before it was pulled from the app store, had more than 130 million user base – a robust number. With such a huge database of users, Tumblr was able to maximize its presence in the market and earn good grands.

It’s upon the traffic to find its way to sites such as Erika Lust, Pink and White Productions, TRENCHCOATx, Joy Bear Pictures, Bright Desire, and Arts Erotica which offer best in class NSFW content.

The traffic might shift its course from Tumblr to other sites as well.  

Nevertheless, it’s a golden opportunity for adult webmasters to tap the traffic by using Tumblr clone – a clone only meant for adult content has huge chances of getting instantly famous.  Tumblr Clone is affordable.

With right marketing strategies and great content, the internet traffic can be monetized. Consistent efforts are required. Patience is mandatory. Cheers!

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