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The porn viewing experience has changed a lot in the past 10-20 years. First, when there was only one way to watch porn i.e. VHS, it was difficult for porn producers to get to a large audience. But as technology improved with time and ever since the inception of the internet, porn websites came into action and took the stage from VHS porn viewing experience. Porn websites are still very popular. However, they are becoming monotonous for a large section of porn viewers, and the solution to this problem is known to many. Since the Internet-connected cameras were invented, live sex shows became the new face of the porn industry. It became a lucrative profession. Online porn already suffered in the past owing to the free erotic movies and content. And with new technologies and high-speed internet, adult webcam business came out to be the saviour of the porn industry.

Not only this adult webcam business became popular, it also started to bring a lot of money towards the site owners and models. Today, there are a number of camming sites, which are almost the same as each other. They all have several camming models online 24/7. One of the popular live webcam show websites gets almost 28 million viewers in a month. Furthermore, with a web traffic like this, the cam girl, alongside the camming site effectively makes a lot of money, even with few shows a day. A large network of porn websites is dedicated towards live sex cam shows. They allow amateur porn actors to perform live shows on their site for chatroom audience. The people pay using virtual tokens, which are subsequently converted into dollars by the website. Then the website authorities distribute the money to the performers, after taking a cut for themselves. This method of paying applies a soft pressure on everyone to keep spending, which they do. On an average, a cam girl can easily make $500 in a day to $500 in a single show. Many models earn $500 to $1000 in a single day. While not every model makes that much of money, an exceptional cam girl can earn $50,000 to $60,000 in a month, quite easily. The camming site takes a cut (20-25%) out from every model’s daily collection. Every camming site has at least more than 50 camming models, so you can figure out the huge amount of money an adult camming site can make in a day.


Just like anybody, you must be thinking of starting a camming site of your own, and it is understandable, as there is a lot of money in this business. Now, the bigger question is: how to start your own porn site which has camming support. The adult camming business is a billion dollar industry, and there are many ways you can start your own camming website. Even if you are not a model, and just want to earn money from running the camming website, you easily can. You need not worry about developing a network or recruiting models. All you will need is a website name, and you can start your camming site within minutes. The question here should not be how to start a porn website, but it should be how to make money through adult website marketing. I’m saying this because, people normally tend to focus on how to start a porn business, which is quite easy. Turning your adult website business into a much profitable one with the help of adult website marketing is quite a difficult task. But nowadays, with the introduction of various adult turnkey software, this has also become quite easy. Adult webcam script software is the answer to almost every question like how to start a porn business.

How to Start Your Own Webcam Site

There are many live cams script software available on the internet, which can be used to create and manage your own adult cam show sites. One such software available on the internet is xCams from Adent, which has proven to be very useful for people who want to start an adult camming website. xCams is basically an adult webcam software, which has everything from templates to advertisement offers. It acts as a PPV cams software as well. You don’t even need to have models for your site. With this adult video chat software, you can use the models performing on any other website, and you will get a cut for the users viewing her show through your website. This turnkey software is an answer to all of your questions like how to start a porn website with camming support, how to start earning money through porn etc. It is a complete package. Let us take a look at its features –

Features of xCams:

As the owner of the website, you can easily manage the number of user signups, the time spent on each model, the total amount of money spent by each user and much more with this software.

    • You can always keep an eye on all the chatrooms. Get real time analytics and list of people watching any cam show at a time.
    • If anyone is abusing or not behaving properly, you can ban or remove that person from your website. You can ban their IP, city or country, which just a few clicks.
    • Cam models management: Add new models to your site, edit their info or delete them. You can manage their bio page having their images and videos on your website.
  • Setup different pricing for per minute for every model. You can also set different pricing for a model according to the time of shows.


    • Private paid sessions will always be requested by users and you can keep track of them with logs of all the chats.
    • Model revenue management: The amount of money each model earned in a day, the total amount earned by all the models, the number of shows performed by every model, the amount of commission you earned and the amount which has to be paid to each model etc. can be easily managed with xCams.
  • Different payment gateways, so that every user can pay and watch easily.

There are several other similar script software as well. Some of them are Video Chat Script, ModelNet etc. If you don’t want to start a camming site from scratch, there is another option for you as well.

Whitelabel an Existing Camming Site: With a Whitelabel site, you just rebrand an existing camming site as your own. The existing camming network of that website will take care of everything from development, upgradations, hosting and model management. You will only have to focus on the marketing portion. All you have to do is find a camming site, which is not making much profit and you will be able to buy it for a low price. It shall not be much profitable and hence, it is advised to buy a camming site which already makes a decent amount of money. Then with some marketing tips and ideas, you will be able to easily boost the profit it used to generate. It is the least expensive and fastest way to get started with your own camming site.

According to us, creating a site from scratch is always a better option. You get to choose your domain name, and you can setup your website the way you want to. Also, with xCams, you do not have to worry about much and it will take care of almost everything.

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