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Create a sexting app that brings in unbelievable passive income with this turn-key software! xChat comes pre-installed with popular chatting features similar to WhatsApp.

Marketing tools created by industry experts are at your disposal to build your user-base and make an incredible profit.

Launch your app today. Open-source code. Easy to get started.

Powerful built-in marketing – No coding knowledge needed.


Users love xChat’s extensive features. Its intuitive, user-friendly design makes chatting fun and addictive.

xChat has two account types: User and Model. Upon signing up, the app-user must choose what account they’d like. Once entering their phone number, it is verified through xChat’s secure system. There is no password needed. This means there’s no lost passwords and accounts are kept more secure.

After signing in, they are able to customize their experience by:

– Adding up to five pictures.
– Entering a bio.
– Changing their linked phone number.
– Viewing current tokens and total tokens earned.

Users can edit this information at any time.


Set token packages that users will buy to chat with their favorite models.

Chatting costs tokens. The more users talk, the more they spend.

Once the first 50 free tokens are spent, users will need to buy a token package. Now that they are hooked on their model, they will want to continue the conversation.

The user is only charged whenever they are having an active conversation. Filters are in place to stop users and models from spamming and draining tokens.

Users love to continue the conversation, and you’ll love all the extra money you’re earning too.


Models are able to redeem their money through the app. No extra work necessary.

For every token spent on a model, you will get a percentage. Models will know the percentage before signing up and will have to agree to the terms. They then will ask for redemption.

Once the admin approves the request, the money will be processed through Paypal or wire transfer. The portals will then receive the request and pay out the total.

This quick workflow means that you can handle more models on the site, and the models will be happier, meaning happier customers.


You have full control with a versatile admin panel.

Admins have access to in-depth reporting tools, plus the ability to personalize their sexting app in the admin panel.

View username, phone number, date registered, number of tokens in their account, and number of tokens earned.

The admin can answer payment requests in the redemption dashboard.

They can also set model commission percentages and the price of token packages.


Users stick around longer because of the app’s intuitive and easy navigation.

xChat was created to make it simple and quick for users to start chatting. Its layout is clear and concise, much like WhatsApp.

Users will know exactly how to find models, how to purchase token packages, and how to use the chatting functions. Because of its friendly design, customers will be less likely to uninstall.


Highly secure to eliminate spam and keep private information safe.

We know how important it is to keep sexting private. That’s why our app is built with advanced security settings. Every user that signs up must go through OTP verification.

This means there won’t be fake email addresses or numbers in the system, reducing the risk of fraud.

The system was created by tech-industry veterans who worked for high-profile clients requiring impenetrable security.

Key Features


Chats are sent almost instantaneously between users. There’s no time for waiting when sexting.


Users can invite all contacts on their phone to join. This viral marketing feature will set your user numbers skyrocketing.


Signing up as a user is quick and simple. They download the app, verify their phone number, and get to filling out their profile.


Favorite profile features are already pre-installed. Models and users can add images, a bio, and fill out their payment details.


You’re in full control of the percentage taken from every token spent. You can also set your own prices on token packages.


Free tokens get users onto the app and using it. Once they start a naughty conversation, they’ll want to buy a token package to finish it.

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Frequently Asked Questions

You’ve got questions? Great, we’ve got answers!

Where can I check the demo?
Is this app Android only?

Yes, this is currently an Android-only app. In the future, we may add an iPhone version. When you purchase, you will get immediate access to this if it is added.

Will I get access to future upgrades?

Yes, when you buy the software, you will get access to all future upgrades.

What is the user loses their phone or SIM card?

Users can send an email to the admin who can manually change the number from the admin panel. They will then have to log in again and be verified.

Can users block profiles?

Yes, both models and users can block profiles.

What programming language is this created with? Is it really open-source?

It uses Native Java, Objective C and MEAN Stack. The code is 100% open-source, meaning you are free to customize the code and make improvements as you see fit.

Create your own sexting app site today! No hidden costs. One-time fee.

One-time fee. Lifetime license.
  • Android app
  • iOS app
  • Web app
  • Admin backend
  • Free installation and setup
  • 100% non-encrypted source code
  • Free lifetime support
  • Free lifetime upgrades
  • Free domain
  • 75% off on VPS hosting
  • Pre-installed with all the popular features above
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