15 Great Ways To Generate Targeted Adult Traffic To Your Adult Tube Site

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The adult entertainment industry is huge. As per statistics, a major chunk of Internet traffic from everywhere around the world goes towards streaming or viewing adult content. Content like adult videos, adult pictures, cams etc.

If we look at the content diversity in adult niche, there are a lot of options to explore. I have seen many people trying to figure out the ways to generate some targeted traffic on their adult sites. In this post I am going to mention Great ways to generate targeted adult traffic to your tube niche siteI am focusing on tube sites here because the most common type of adult websites are the tube websites. Let us start the post by knowing what adult tube sites really are.

What are adult tube sites?

Adult tube site

Basically, tube sites are the websites where you can view streaming videos online. They allow you to stream content that are hosted on a server that is owned by them. When this logic is applied to adult videos, these types of websites are known as adult tube sites.

Now these types of sites contain pornographic content and you can’t really go ahead and promote them on social media platforms in the open so there are a lot of restrictions on how you get traffic for your sites. But there are lot of adult stars and production houses on twitter & facebook – promoting and engaging into conversations. Even popular tube sites like pornhub has a huge fan following and very active on social networks. To surprise, porn hub ran a contest on twitter to hire their creative director role.

twitter bangbros

In this post, we will be telling you Great ways to generate targeted adult traffic to your tube niche site so without any further ado, let’s get right into it.

Ways to generate targeted adult traffic to your tube niche site

Use SEO to your advantage – Here are some tricks

Make sure your Adult On-site SEO is spot on

Adult On-site SEO is just as important as off-site SEO. Google will look at the backlinks and other off-site factors of your website later and the first thing they will look at is how well your site is optimized. You need to take care of these following things:

  • Proper title tags
  • Proper meta tags
  • Proper description of each page
  • Proper schema markup

Note : Our Adult tube script Xstreamer comes with highly SEO optimized URL’s friendly for search engines.

Make sure your website has the proper text to the multimedia ratio that many sites miss out on. Just a page with a video player is not going to rank no matter how hard you try. Keep adding textual content to your website in form of tips, facts about adult media and industry etc.

Pagerank Scultpting

Pagerank isn’t a public factor anymore but Google does consider pagerank to rank your websites. You need to make sure page rank passes to your pages properly in order to make sure your website ranks.

Make sure your homepage links to your pages properly and DO NOT NOFOLLOW YOUR INTERNAL PAGE LINKS. This will only stop your internal links from getting that pagerank amazingness and you will miss out on some amazing ranks on search engines.

But keep in mind that too much of anything is bad so don’t overdo it else you might face some kind of penalty.

Build Links – But control yourself

You can build links for your tube website but you can’t just go ahead and make links from any website. You need to make links from adult sites itself.

Here are few links where you can submit your site to get some link juice. When it comes to adult seo for tube sites – little bit of black hat seo + white hat seo will work better. Millions of tube sites are on the web already – how do you plan to take them on with your new site?

* Sex.com
* Smutty.com
* Punchpin.com
* Lustpin.com

pinterest for sex

Some creative things you can try

Upload videos on aggregator websites with your logo

You can upload videos in an intro or a trailer format and upload it on tube videos aggregator websites like XVideos, pornhub, youporn etc. There are 100’s of popular tube sites available to signup for free and upload your videos. There is a third party tool where it lets you to upload video to multiple tube sites at once. For example – you upload one video to 50 tube sites at once. These websites have a huge viewership and they server millions of video views everyday. With each view you can promote your website and piggyback on these aggregator website’s popularity.

logo on the videos

There are websites like Hardsextube that allow you to add link on the video page that you have uploaded.

Share your links on Reddit

Reddit is one of the most used website totally run on user generated content. Real people moderate the content there and the content which is form of text as well as link is also submitted by the users. You can share your tube site links in several sub-reddits. Similar to tube sites – reddit has a big set of NSFW contents.

Here are some of the most used adult niche subreddits but you can browse for more and you can even create your own subreddit. Share interesting and most odd / less watched clips, pictures – it should give a huge traffic to your tube site.

A small psychology behind tube sites are – people don’t search for and land up on a different tube site each time. When they visit a tube site for the first time – if they like it – they come back every single time when they want to watch a video. Tell me honestly, have you ever searched for a category name or clip name on a search ? You directly type the website URL or open your bookmarks to visit the site. That’s one advantage that you can leverage on your visitors.

  • http://www.reddit.com/r/porn
  • http://www.reddit.com/r/nsfwvideos/
  • http://www.reddit.com/r/povpornvids
  • http://www.reddit.com/r/passionx/
  • http://www.reddit.com/r/nsfw/
  • http://www.reddit.com/r/pornaddicts/

If you want a full list of adult sub-reddit then take a look at this link.

NSFW reddit sub-reddits

Sign up on forums and promote your site in signature

Forum websites are one of the most active websites on the websites on the internet. There are many forums that are made around adult content. Forums like GFY, Master-X, Exbii allow you to have 2 links in your profile signature. If you are able to use your signature section properly, you can drive quite a bit of traffic from these forum websites.

Here are some forums you can share your links in signature on.

  • Intporn.com
  • Realraptalk.com
  • Fritchy.com
  • Peachyforum.com
  • Gallery-dump.com/forum
  • Justpits.com
  • turkarea.us

Get social on Motherless.com

Ever heard of this social network sort of website but for adults?

Motherless.com can be called the Facebook for adult entertainment. You can watch videos, you can check images, you can befriend people and you can even share links. There are forums that you can join and be active on. Motherless.com can bring you many visitors a day if you use it properly.

You can share links on Motherless.com in your profile shout box section.

Advertise your websites

Link and banner advertising is a great option to kick start your adult website. This option not only spreads your name and brand but also gets you traffic from websites that have great traffic.You can buy banner or link ads from websites that are already up and running well and are in the same niche i.e. adult tube sites.

You can use advertising networks like Plugrush, Ero-advertising as well as Exoclick to advertise your tube site with banners and links. It’s a two way – You sell ad space – You buy traffic from the same network.

Buy Traffic directly

You can also buy skimmed traffic to your adult tube niche website to get things started. There are many ways you can get traffic and this is one of them. You can buy adult traffic directly from networks like Trafficholder or Trafficshop as well.

Few more things you need to keep in mind

Follow a sub-niche & focus on that

People have different tastes when it comes to viewing pornographic content. Each and every person likes to explore and they view content from different categories. You can choose a category that you can use and provide content for and you should focus on that niche.

Once people discover your site, they will discuss about it in their friends circle as well as online forums which will provide you more traffic. Not only that but the traffic that you will get on your website will be targeted as you are focusing on just one category and then you can explore options to monetize your website.

Provide original content

How to provide original adult content? Sign up as an partner with major production houses. Get the teaser / trailer content from them – upload to your tube site and let people enjoy – link back to original content producer and get a commission cut when people sign up with the production house to watch the full content. Even if you can’t get partnered with big production houses – there are thousands of small production houses in amsterdam, australia which provides good quality content. Provide a section in your tube site for people to contribute their own collections. Offer them some cash in return for home made original videos.

content production channels

Run advertisements on similar tube sites

Piggyback on the popularity of other similar tube websites and gain some recognition across users. While this method requires monetary partnership but at the same time you will get a lot of exposure among users that are always looking forward to have some new content at their disposal.

If you’re providing Premium content to your subscribers ( premium subscription model ) – then you can spend on advertisement which you can take back easily.

Make an active social presence

Get a profile registered on a social media website like Twitter. Twitter allows you to openly share and promote adult content given it follows all the laws in the USA penal code. You can already see that many big tube sites are promoting their presence on websites like twitter and they are also getting a lot of exposure. Piggyback the trends that they create and get people to know about your website.

My favorite handle – Bangbros – they’re awesome.

Also We’re on twitter – Follow us @Adent_io

adult software twitter

Provide the best watching experience

You can promote and optimize your presence over the internet all you want but you need to make sure that the video streaming experience is good for the viewers and visitors. A bad buffer problem for high-speed internet users will be a matter of annoyance. Make sure you have a stable video player and servers that are able to stream videos well.

Note: Xstreamer tube script has a cutting edge streaming technology to serve video files across platforms and devices.

Let them watch videos seamlessly on mobile devices

A lot of people browse the internet on their mobile devices and same stands true for browsing adult niche websites. Mobile devices have become the first choice for anyone who wants to view adult content since it is a very private device. Make sure your website has a great mobile device and also make sure the visitors are getting a seamless browsing and viewing experience.

Note : Xstreamer script comes with Android app ( you can provide the APK for your visitors to download from your site – like how pornhub does.. Have you checked their android app ? It’s seamless and has got a nice UI.

Bring the big names on-board

Last but not the least, bring some big names onboard so that they become the face of your website and bring a lot of traffic to you. You can partner or make some adult entertainment stars your brand ambassadors and this will definitely bring a lot of exposure to your tube website when they talk about it to their followers and fans.

How to find them and contact? 1) I have found a lot of adult stars and popular Cam girls very active on twitter and Quora. If you tweet or ping them directly – you can make a great deal.

pornstars in quora


These are some great ways you can use to bring some great and targeted traffic to your new tube site. In order to stand out of the crowd full of adult niche websites, you need to bring something new to the table in order to get a lot of traffic as well as fan following.

Next – I will discuss about in-depth on buying adult media traffic from ad networks.

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