What are the Popular SexTech Startups in Adult Industry?

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Pornography and technology go hand in hand. Internet has provided the platform for the proliferation of the former while the later attributes its advancement in the adult film industry. SexTech or laterally known as the Porn Tech is a lesser known term but has greater potential of tapping markets in the future.

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Sitting at your comfy beds, you might know less about the burgeoning techs in Porn industry but type #sextech on Twitter and you would find the coolest things happening in the porn industry. This is a sector being looked at as a constant profiteering sector with lots of potential.

Let’s have a look at how this sector has immense potential and how some entrepreneurs are tapping the SexTech industry.

Understanding SexTech and Adult Porn Industry

Adult Tech or commonly known as SexTech is a burgeoning field of innovation. It can be understood as a technology or technology-driven ventures which have been designed to innovate the pleasures in human sexuality with immersive experiences. These kinds of innovation are important given the fact that sex and sexuality is the centre of everything this industry is designed for.

Sex innovation is a strong endeavor proposed to improve and enhance in every aspect of sex, especially singular sexuality and the sexual experience. SexTech is comprehensive, while a piece of the business is gone for improving the sexual experience for the individual, a general point is to change society’s association with sex and take into account an all the more inviting environment for people to investigate and completely comprehend their sexuality.

This reality can’t be exaggerated. Society has a double minded and tangled approach toward sex – we as a whole appreciate it however we don’t discuss it publically. This implies that sex is defaulted in people and hence open innovation in adult technology is yet a thinking subject.

Our identity explicitly educates everything to do with how we feel about ourselves and how we feel about others; it advises our connections, our lives, our satisfaction. And hence, innovation in Adult porn industry has been given due cognizance in the recent times.

SexTech and its Emerging Possibilities

These technologies depending more on pleasures of people are also important because of this conflicted personality. It is high time when we came of our egoistic sexuality and delved deeper in understanding the requirements.

No other zone of human presence is supported around with so much disgrace, humiliation, blame and self-torment. How in a general sense essential sexuality is to us, coupled with how on a very basic level clashes we have about it, makes it the most extravagant conceivable domain for technological advances and paves ways for utilizing innovation to improve the mindset.


  Source: Gizmodo

Pornography is one of the biggest money minting industries in the world and something which rarely sees the recession. Innovation in this area can further lead to advancement in how we consume sex and online porn streaming. This is exactly what the article tends to understand by noting down some of the best innovations in the SexTech industry.

Drivers of Change in the Adult Tech Industry

Innovators in the SexTech industry often cite various reasons for them to seek advancements. While some seek personal adventures from these technical innovations, others cite social stigma and taboos as major reasons for innovation.

Tina Gong was spurred through her very own encounters to dispose of the disgrace around female masturbation by making HappyPlayTime, a gaming application whose essential target is young ladies yet which has a secondary audience in straight men as well. Michael Topolovac and Ti Chang of Lovecrave  needed to change the manner in which ladies experience sex toys. Kit Maloney of O’actually was tired of not finding the sort of online adult video streaming she needed to watch.

Dema Tio got himself and his young spouse working in various nations right off the bat in their marriage, and out of their dissatisfaction came Vibease, which permits couples in long-distance relationships to keep up their sexual desires.

Toward the beginning of year 2018, SexTech was a 60 billion dollar industry and in all honesty, is hinting at no moderation in the coming decade as well. The business itself separates into a large number of zones, from sex toys pointed overwhelmingly at the female customers, female friendly and realistic adult entertainment to giving original reviews on hotel sex and more fetishistic weekends away at KinkBnB.

In 2017 alone, Lovehoney, a U.K. based SexTech organization attracted 105 million dollars, up 30% from the earlier year.

It is a creative industry dependent on a basic thought, everybody, regardless of whether single or coupled, adores sex. We would talk about these innovations at length in this article but what we must understand is that these techs are mostly driven by personal interests and enthusiasm.

The Coercive Internet

In the past decade, Internet has seen a parenting drive. Having an influence or not on young children’s minds, Google and other sites have started blocking adult content keeping the moral policing in mind. Some countries too have blocked porn on Internet and local porn companies. Where does this leave us?

Porn technology has not received such unfurled wings which it should have to lead the path of innovation. Some believe that porn and technology are going separate ways since the early 2000s. What drives innovation is motivation and such harsh actions often curb them.

sex technology

Source: (Photo by kassidy Silva and Jonathan Palmer for FORBES)

Sex negative organizations are always in the news for their denying of services to innovations. JP Morgan has denied assistance to the female-possessed condom organization Lovability while Square did not permit individuals who work in the adult industry to utilize their payment process.

Google too had threatened to make adult content on Blogger fundamentally unfindable. This is a gross violation of innovative mindset and are a hurdle towards it as well.

This is unexpected, in light of the fact that the response to everything that stresses individuals over pornography and sex online isn’t to close down/censor/block but to open up: open up to inviting, supporting and subsidizing innovators who need to upset the majority of this to improve things, and open up to enabling us to work together.

Peter Thiel, the author of the book Zero To One has some answers to how entrepreneurs and innovators must come of these shells and address the markets they find.

Here is what he says, ‘Secrets about people are relatively underappreciated. What are people not allowed to talk about? What is forbidden or taboo? The best place to look for secrets is where no one else is looking…People at a successful startup are fanatically right about something those outside it have missed…The best projects are likely to be overlooked, not trumpeted by a crowd; the best problems to work on are often the ones nobody else even tries to solve”.

So, at this point when the rising sextech industry accomplishes its objective of mingling sex: making it socially satisfactory and socially shareable – that is the point at which the business will triple and quadruple your profits, by normalizing individuals liking freely getting tied up with sex tech items and administrations; openly doing what they do with everything else – advocate, share, prescribe; and openly badging themselves as sex tech brand ambassadors.

Adult Technologies and Business Opportunities

Porn Tech has a massive business potential as underlined by industry experts: both for investors, entrepreneurs as well as for innovators. This industry has everything to gain from the underlying sexual desires which unfurl with growing adaptabilities.

To satisfy these desires, these innovations would play a major part. This is where the Adult Entertainment conferences have played a major role in realizing people of giving satisfaction to their sexual desires. Providing them with services that can cheer them will give you the opportunity to mint money while living up to their expectations.

adult technologies

Source: Wired UK

Concerning true utilizations of SexTech, there are various integration of these technologies with human sexual experience. Innovation is regularly created because of an individual’s need and an absence of this need being met.

Where a subsidiary of the innovation as of now exists, it is being redeployed with a twist to better the service and experience of sex in the background. There are plethora of services which when integrated with technology can reap unprecedented benefits.

Some Popular SexTech Startups in Adult Industry

When you ask yourselves, what type of adult business I should start, there would be multiple options that would come.  However, you will also find a wide range of services already available to you in terms of payment processes as well as Human resources allocations. There are limited opportunities of innovating in the SexTech industry but the chances of growth in narrow time frame is real high.

There are major breakthroughs that have happened in the SexTech with major entrepreneurs jumping off to take credits for it. Some of them are as follows:


Cindy Gallop was the brain behind the famous Makelovenotporn. The major thought behind the project was to combat porn which was slowly becoming form of sex education. It aimed at showcasing sex to teenage children and others as how it happens in the real world.

There are some basic differences between porn and sex. While porn misses emotions and features actors in it, sex connotes to intertwined and immersive emotions flowing between two adults who have genuine interests in each other than sex. To pursue this venture, she gave specific interest to adult web design and the type of content which was going to be hosted on her website.

Talking about Cindy, she is one of the vocal champions of the SexTech industry with a keen eye to innovation in the field.  She has a host of companies which work with Makelovenotporn such as Dwolla (Payment gateway), Deutsche Payment (Payment Processor), Wirecard (acquiring Bank) and Rackspace (website hosting).


There is a whole lot of stigma around female masturbation in the societies. While they approve of similar behavior by male, females are often seen with different eyes when they talk about masturbation.

To make it simpler, Tina Gong came forward with HappyPlayTime. This is a series of sex education games which has been designed and aimed at young women. But apart from a women market, this innovation has successfully made a fan base in the straight men as well.


Another all women startup which caught everyone’s eyes with its captivating storyline and dedication towards removing the stigma attached with women. It has a wide range of well-curated selection of adult content, products as well as sexual knowledge on the website. Their focus is to make content which looks like a reality with integration of technological features.


Lovecrave was founded by Industrial Designer Ti Chang and serial entrepreneur Michael Topolov. They crave to heighten the pleasures with their product design while also keeping in mind the conversations that go around sexual pleasure.

Their items are rich with advanced technology and astute structures. They expect to make purchasing and utilizing a sex toy an elevated experience, something that prompts satisfied desires, arousing fulfillment, and thoughtful discussions about sexuality.

The delightful, inventive, great plans are structured in San Francisco and sourced all around the world. With a promise to stand out body safe materials and feasible battery-powered power sources, the strong items are enhanced for lasting pleasures.  


Vibease is a SexTech startup which deals in both hardware and software designed for sexual joy. Based out of Singapore, the startup believes that women deserve as much orgasm as men do.

Helping them find the right set of orgasm would in fact make the world a better place. The startup was founded by Dema Tio who wanted his wife to experience pleasure like no other women while living apart.

The options were very limited – mostly porn for both of them. He quit his job to learn about female orgasm and his curiosity led him to found the Vibease.

Let’s understand the product.

Vibease is a wearable vibrator which can be simulated with an in-built app on your smartphone. This would allow your partner to turn you on from any distance. The startup was recently funded by Indiegogo and is very close to hosting its app on iTunes. This startup was also a finalist at TechCrunch’s Crunchies award.


Another innovative way of finding escorts at your visit to some place next times is the website Hussy.io.

This website helps in finding escorts easily without hassle in any part of the world with its AI generated features. It works towards making the sex work and workers safer by increasing the underlying trust between the client and sex workers without disclosing the private data.


This startup was launched in the year 2016 with an aim towards socializing the evils of looking sex as a taboo. The major aim was to modernize sex experience with advancement in technologies. The startup organizes Immersive events across the media formats like the live events to podcasts as well as webinars and salons to articles and reviews.

They also relish in unearthing the SexTech business leaders, technologists and designers who have paved way for greater enrichment in sex business. Their sex-tech labs afford forward thinking brands a safe space to experiment, develop world-class products while also creating new markets.


Want to get into Adult Turnkey Business?

This site helps you get started as it is one of the leading providers of turnkey software for the adult industry. The startup was founded by group of veterans in the adult tech industry who work towards making available the awesome website gizmos of daily usage.

Most of their products are 100% open source where all their scripts come with responsive desktop, mobile and tablet designs also. More importantly, the turnkey software scripts are affordable.

The Internet of Dongs Project

This is one of the best sites to have direct interactions.

The objectives of the Internet of Dongs Project are basic and simple:

People should make the most of their sex toys in whatever way they feel and need, without agonizing over security, protection or wellbeing. In a perfect world, you could confide in makers to have the security, protection, and wellbeing of their clients as their best need.

In any case, likewise with numerous Internet of Things merchants, they don’t have the foggiest idea, don’t comprehend or simply couldn’t care less about these issues. This venture would like to change that. By working with the sellers who need to see how to verify their gadgets we can cross over any barrier in data security world and the adult intimate adult industry.


Pillow is a great platform to bring your mind and body to something extraordinary form of passionate arousal.

This app helps people to forget what’s going outside of their bedroom and to focus all their attention to their partners always. This is a simple tool to encourage the couples to carve out a special space for their partners for pleasure.

Dame Products

Alex Fine, a sexologist and Janet Lieberman, an engineer and MIT Graduate joined hands to create the Dame Product which hosts extraordinary sex toys which we can’t find in the market. They developed an ever expanding line of sex toys with the engineering team while the products were tested with testers available at Dame Labs. Their major aim was to close the gap between men and women during the sexual pleasure.


SpankChain has introduced a Blockchain based ecosystem for price mechanism to the Porn industry. The first base features such as the client profile and payment details will help the core capabilities which prove to be critical for the content production and their platforms.

These platforms would then benefit from additional services such as payment channel hubs, age verification, live video, an ad network, an affiliate network, search as well as the interface builders.

This is an evolution to the Industry’s economic drivers and consumers’ desires for better services.


MysteryVibe is an amazing startup by Soumyadip Rakshit who has made waves in the sextech industry with his exhibit at the TechCruch Disrupt. This was also the first company to appear on the homepage of the Exclusive crowd funding site Born.

This company makes toys, namely Crescendo which has a patented design. This toy contains six different motors and the ability to bend in multiple directions. This was the first personalized insert able vive on the market and has since then disrupted the market with innovation.

Soum says, “Through all our ventures, we try to make a positive impact to as many people’s lives as we can reach. MysteryVibe can only achieve that with the backing of big mainstream leaders like Google for Entrepreneurs, Rackspace, Digicert, Paypal, Stripe. They have not only provided us with invaluable support but also set a precedent by seeing beyond the taboo and giving us the same love as they would to any other startup in any space”.


This awesome product was founded by Sherif Maktabi who wanted to make sex more immersive with Google Glass. With live streaming available from Glass, one can always be available with their partners.

Some of the awesome features of Glance includes the replay of the stream yp to 5 hours after a session while also asking Glass to suggest new positions in order to try them.

Reasons for SexTech to feel High and Dry

advanced sextech

Source: Dame

Despite such advancements in technology, SexTech is largely left high and dry due to multiple issues with funding being the biggest reason of them all.

Indifference of VCs

VCs not interested – most of the venture capitalists and the banks show minimal response to the industry making these innovations no takers.

Most of these sextech startups are funded privately or by angel investors because they had been shown the back door by the VC firms. Cindy Gallop of Makelovenorporn recounts such events when she was denied loans by bank only because her venture had ‘porn’ in its name.

Passiveness of Payment Processing Companies

Payment Processing Companies are not ready as well – these companies charge more for transactions than other things because Visa and Mastercard consider the pornography or adult content as high risk activities with shallow business base. PayPal no longer works with adult companies due to this reason only.

Negativity in the Air

Sex-Negative Atmosphere – as discussed above, Google, Apple and others have harsh restrictions for adult content makers and hence, proliferation of business is not possible in such an atmosphere.

While Problems are many, SexTech is here to stay

While there are plenty of issues which trouble the sextech industry, it has the potential to thrive on large scale given its attribution to technology on all sorts.

We’ve acknowledged that an algorithm could give us better dating choices that would’ve commonly passed in front of us. Imagine the possibilities when such algorithms would be coupled with Artificial Intelligence.

Dating applications are currently accessible for each possible specialty network – Christians, lesbian and gay society, serving to everyone.

In conclusion, sextech is here to stay. Cheers!

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