How to Start a X Rated Website without Spending time to Customize It?

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Do you have zero coding skills but cannot give up on the idea to become a lucky adult business owner? We are certain that you must have already considered outsourcing your entire project to a software development firm and handed you an expensive quotation. 

Well, they can’ help it. It is indeed expensive to develop a custom website from scratch. They have to pay for the resources employed on your project. Do you know how much developers charge per-hour?

x rated website

Simple website development demands a team of 10-15 experts in various fields working 6-8 hours daily for 60-70 days. Outsourcing such a project would take not less than $70,000-$90,000. Moreover, if it is an x rated website, the odds just touch the skies, as not every developer can code adult websites. This does not even include the costs of maintenance, essential APIs, and the time required for testing the live website over a prolonged period. 

We have talked about cost estimations of different kinds of adult website development in many of our articles on this website. It’s lavish!

Should you give up on your adult business idea then?

Does it mean a man or woman with a profitable idea but less money cannot acquire an x rated website for business?

Hell no and lucky you because there are ways to acquire adult or x rated websites without coding or without spending a fortune on outsourcing from scratch. We call these solutions by names such as adult clone script, readymade clone script, or adult website builders. 

What is an adult clone script?

An adult clone script is a ready-made solution built keeping the beginner entrepreneurs in mind. These scripts allow a person with a profitable business idea but no coding skills acquire a full-fledged adult website quickly and affordably. The term clone means the scripts generally mimic features, designs, business models, and revenue channels of popular adult businesses, and they let you acquire a similar website like those giants; that too to without spending much in terms of time, money, and efforts.

It’s simple. If you want to build a porn tube website like Pornhub without coding it from scratch, go for a Pornhub readymade clone script. If you want to start a camming site like LiveJasmine, go for an adult webcam script, or simply, LiveJasmine clone script. If the business models of other giants like Brazzers, OnlyFans, or sex toys stores like Lovehoney inspire you, there are adult clone scripts of them as well.

What is the scope of an adult readymade clone script?

The mainstream software development industry is moving towards a scene where entrepreneurs need no more worry about website development and website maintenance. With could computing going mainstream, most of the product and service-based software companies have shifted into the SaaS model where they offer ready-made solutions to entrepreneurs in return to recurring monthly payments for managed services and software licenses.

The adult readymade clone scripts fall between the gap created by the traditional outscoring model and the SaaS model. Not everyone can afford to pay heavy upfront charges for outsourcing a custom development, and not everyone can deal with monthly recurring charges, limited customizability, and over-dependence on SaaS vendors.

Adult clone scripts fill this gap by following two non-negotiable rules:

  • Ready-made: They offer ready-made solutions that require mere GUI-based setup, making deployment and business launch as quick as in SaaS. Moreover, entrepreneurs need not worry about coding at all.
  • Open-source code: They offer full source-code access and yet do not demand any recurring fee. Just by paying a small upfront cost, you can own the source code for good and get unlimited customizability.

The ability for the entrepreneurs to get unlimited control over a quickly launch-able website that does not even demand to pay any recurring fee, and allow entrepreneurs to choose a hosting partner and payment gateway of choice, is what that massively enhances the scope of adult clone scripts in the market.

You can guess the popularity of adult clone scripts in the market by performing a simple test by yourself right now. Try a Google search putting ‘+clone script’ after the name of any popular adult website that you know. Say, Xvideos clone script, RealityKings clone script, Chaturbate clone script, ManyVids clone script, or OnlyFans clone script. You will be surprised to see dozens of software vendors offering these scripts in their own unique ways. We too, at Adent, specialize in this segment. You can check our lineups on anytime.

Building X rated websites Without Coding | The Procedure

To build an adult business website without writing a single line of code by yourself, you need to follow a couple of seamless steps. You need not undertake any special development, high-end website maintenance task, or spend a fortune. 

Step 1: Discover:

Visit, check out our range of readymade clone scripts, test your selected script on live demo, or download the free trial version. Experience the script and ensure it supports your intended business model and features.

Step 2: Purchase:

Sign up and purchase the premium script only once you think it’s the right choice and fulfills your requirement. We will deliver the premium source code as soon as you complete the purchase process. It’s a one-time payment, as there are no hidden or recurring charges after that.

Any expense besides the one-time cost of the source code would incur in purchasing premium B2B solutions like web hosting, payment gateway services, live chat APIs, email marketing tool, SEO tools, etc., which are not our costs but service providers. You need these services even if you develop from scratch or buy a SaaS plan.   

Step 3: Adult Hosting:

Purchase a domain name and adult web hosting plan from a trusted VPS company to take your website live after the setup is complete. 

Step 4: Deployment:

We will deploy and set up your website under our warranty service on your preferred web host. Moreover, use the graphical user interface to set up your private credentials and personalize the website, as you want. You can set up the adult payment solutions from the same GUI using our inbuilt payment APIs of popular payment service providers.

Step 5: Content and SEO:

Add website content, images, banners, products, services, and policies; anything based on your selected business model. You should also optimize for search engines in this step. You can do it by yourself, hire an adult SEO company, or you can also sign up for our adult SEO services.

Step 6: Website Publication:

Once your website is ready with products, services, and SEO sorted out, you can take your website live and start making money with it.

Step 7: Customization:

If you think your site needs some more features or any kind of customization in your website at any stage, you can always access the source code to customize by yourself, hired developers, or you can also hire us for customizations. Most of the time, the inbuilt features are enough to go live, as the clients mostly demand to customize the look and feel. Nevertheless, if you need any kind of feature customization too, you can always get back to us.

What’s your take?

If you notice carefully, the procedure to get your adult business website without writing a single line of code using our adult clone script is very similar to that of SaaS-based solutions. Except there are hardly any good SaaS adult solutions in the market, and even if there would be some, SaaS demands recurring payments and offers limited control and customizability, which is not good for your business in the long run.

We have tried our best to fill this gap between scratch development and SaaS. We aim at offering you an affordable, quick, and unlimited access to create your dream business website. We regularly update our scripts for new features and security patches. Working for so long in the adult industry and software development, we now have pro-level skills to not only code your website but also guide you with the best ways to make money with it.

We are not just a software development company; we specialize in adult industry business solutions. Whether it’s a porn tube website, webcam-modeling site, adult sex toys eCommerce store, adult eCommerce marketplace platform, adult fansite, adult social media site, or porn paysite, we can help you with every business idea and marketing that is adult and x rated.

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