How to Sell Adult Magazine Subscriptions Online?

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The Internet has made erotica and sexual culture far more accessible today. From on-demand video content, live webcam shows, and phone sex, to sex toys stores, everything is available to the global audience via internet. Internet has faded the geographical boundaries and people across the planet are now part of one global industry of sexual content.

adult magazine subscriptions

You might wonder if the trends to sell adult digital copies are replacing the print and older media. However, this is not true. All formats entice their own audience base. At least in the porn and sex industry, people have their own tastes and they do not mind paying fortunes to maintain that.

Adult nude magazine or erotic magazines are one such taste factor. They are loved by their audience, and people buy them across digital and physical formats. Satisfying varied tastes and preferences, best adult magazines and this particular industry in 2019 have everything for all segment of erotica fans.

In this article, I will explain how you can sell adult magazine subscriptions and even individual magazines online in both physical as well as digital adult magazines formats. So let’s start from the basics of the adult magazine selling eCommerce business.

Where can we see adult nude magazines?

Various businesses are selling adult nude magazines through varied touch points. The old physical book stores are still selling the top adult magazines in many places. However, we can see a massive shift in the customer base to the adult magazine selling eCommerce sites.

With added benefits like free home delivery, availability of both physical and digital porn magazine, and options to buy individual or the whole adult magazine subscriptions, the eCommerce model of magazine selling is gaining mass popularity among the contemporary audience.  

Be advised that eCommerce sites of erotic magazines are not the replacement for printed media. In fact, they are selling both the printed and digital copies of the same. So whenever I mention online stores for best adult magazines, I indicate the availability of both printed and digital adult magazines.

The only difference is in their business model. Some sites sell the magazines from multiple publishers while many sites sell only from their in-house publications. Those with multiple publishers are the marketplace sites for adult or porn magazines and later are the branded magazine sites. 

Some online sites to sell adult magazines

Porn mags are very popular in the UK and US. However, there are many sites that sell digital porn magazines too, which enables them to get customers from across the planet.  Here is a list of top sites that sell adult mags in the UK, US, and other parts of the world:

  • Magazine Cafe
  • com
  • Magazine Discount Center
  • Magazine Deals
  • Speedy Mags
  • eBay
  • Mercari
  • Etsy
  • Discountmags
  • NastyMagazine
  • xxx
  • xxx

Some popular adult mags brands

Some brands for adult mags are so popular you don’t even need anyone to tell you about. However, I have listed a few of the top as well as some really great brands which are not very popular but not less erotic. Most of them also have their own sites for selling in-house publications. Here is a list of top adult magazines sold in the UK, US, and many other countries:

  • Playboy
  • Cosmopolitan
  • Private
  • 18Eighteen
  • Finally Legal
  • Hustler
  • Phile
  • Math
  • Fluffer Everyday
  • Just 18
  • Archer
  • LUI
  • Body Part Magazine
  • The Amorist
  • Escort
  • Club International

Why selling adult magazines online is a trending business?

Honestly! A porn magazine is more creative than a film. Millennials who have always seen their browser’s incognito mode as the only source of erotica, would not comprehend this easily. However, it’s a freaking truth.

The porn magazines have a way of impeding the pleasure and more imaginative and wistful experience than watching a porn video. If you are wondering why someone would look at a naked breast when a lot of porn can be found on the internet, you have not experienced a slower and tactile pleasure. Look at the top porn magazines listed above, you might change your perception and you would begin consuming porn in a different way.

For decades Playboy has ruled the mags industry and have established a mammoth brand. However, today, the millennials seek more of that. The old approach of journalism, adult jokes, and attractive women is not enough anymore.

That’s where the scope for new brands and mags has broadened. The readers are open to new standards. They seek to bring back eroticism to its original essence when videos were not very popular. Besides the adult mags, these days, short sex stories are the new trends in the market. Top sites like Amazon are full of epic eBooks full of erotic sex stories.

  • I have a friend who writes novels. Her novels were not selling satisfactorily. That’s where she tried something different. She took her novel characters and wrote a short sex story. It’s was a 3K word story. She published the eBook on Amazon priced about $3. The saying “sex sell” came to reality and she received some awesome sells. A $15,000 dollars check to be precise. Bottom line is -erotic literature is a huge arena. You have an array of options to experiment with.
  • As per it concerns the porn magazines, there is a huge fan following for the top publications. Take Paul Raymond Publications for instance. It publishes the adult mags like Escort, Mayfair, Club International, Razzle, and Men Only. There is a massive fan following for these Mags. In fact, it is one of the top publication houses for adult mags UK and European audience reads. It uses its own site to sell the in-house mags collect an average annual revenue of over £20 million selling mags online.

How to create your own adult magazine subscription based website using xMagazine?

Sell Adult Magazine

If you are impressed by the scope of the adult magazine selling business and want to create a site of your own like and others, xMagazine is a perfect software solution for it.

xMagazine offers a tranquil way to build your own print and digital porn magazine eCommerce site and start selling magazines and subscriptions on the go. It does not demand an expert coding skill to create your site. You can simply install this script and set up your site with an easy-to-use GUI. The script supports both subscription selling and individual selling for print and Digital copies of the adult magazines.

What’s special about xMagazine?

It is a full-fledged eCommerce website script customized to align with the adult content. With the inputs from adult industry veterans and marketing experts, the script fully aligns with the adult SEO standards. Moreover, it is equipped with adult payment solutions as popular payment gateways like PayPal does not support adult sites.

Powered by WordPress WooCommerce there is no doubt xMagazine is utterly powerful, scalable, and fully customizable. This self-hosted script is a perfect solution to fully automate the eCommerce process for selling the subscriptions, managing the printed Magazines inventory, shipping printed magazines and letting users download digital porn magazines.

In a nutshell, with xMagazine script, you can-

  • Sell digital porn magazines
  • Sell printed adult magazines
  • Sell individual copies separately
  • Sell whole subscription in one go
  • Host the site on any adult site server
  • Modify source code for customization
  • Revamp the UI to fit your brand identity

How to make money selling magazine from your own site?

Let’s take xMagazine script for instance. It allows you to list different magazines as products on an eCommerce site. Customers looking for them purchase and make the payment through an integrated payment gateway for adult sites.

With such a site, the primary revenue you generate would be from the sales made for individual magazines. Further, you can also sell the subscriptions of the magazines, which would let you generate an up-scaled revenue with increase cart value.

In addition to these, you can tweak your site to adopt various other revenue models such as:

  • Subscription: Subscription package for multiple magazines where customers can read as many magazines in a single package.
  • Marketplace: Sell mags from third-party publications and take a percentage cut from their sales. You can adopt different commission rates for different categories of magazines.
  • E-Books: You can start selling eBooks for short sex stories.
  • Freemium: You can adopt a freemium model where you can offer some free adult magazines as a preview and encourage customers to purchase the full version.
  • Photosets: You can sell photosets and small videos of the top models from the magazines you sell. Their fans would not mind spending a little extra for the erotic pics.
  • Vintage collection: There are people who collect old vintage magazines. You can sell such magazines for a higher price and fans would not mind paying it. Not just erotic but regular vintage magazines are also a great seller. In 2007, they sold a Beeton’s Christmas Annual edition of 1887 at a Sotheby’s auction for $156,000.

Tips to boost your Magazine sales

Selling in-house publications require a lot of effort. Unlike the popular brands, you don’t possess an established audience. You have to build it from the start. You can use the following tips to build your presence in the adult mags industry:

  • Sell a series: Be it a porn Magazine or short romance stories, sell in successive parts to get repeat sales. Prepare a series of your publications and encourage readers to subscribe to the whole series at once. Follow up the previous customers and inform them of the new editions making it to your site. It is easy to get repeat sale than persuading someone for the first purchase.
  • Digital and Printed: Release your in-house publications in both physical and digital formats. Keep the digital copies priced a little lower than the printed copies. It is easy to sell digital copies these days. You can expect most of your revenues from the digital sales itself.
  • Digital Third-Party: You can publish the digital copies of some of your publications on the popular Magazine marketplaces to get more exposure. Once you are popular on a platform like Amazon, attracting readers on your own site would not be a tough task.
  • Publish celeb interviews: Fans should be your target audience. They can go anywhere following their role models. Try getting the interviews from the popular adult industry figures and publish it in your magazine. You just need one viral interview to announce your entrance in the market. Conduct research, know your audience, study their preferences, and publish what they seek.
  • Adult Ads Network: Use online Adult Paid Ads to expand your reach. There are various adult websites which embed Ads to revenue generation. Your paid Ads would strike at the correct point with adult Ads network. Do some research and find the best suitable Ad network for your business segment.

Happy Selling Adult Mags

It’s true the audience for erotic Mags is not as big as films, but it’s also true that people with a taste for them are more stable customers for your business. It’s okay if one print mag sells for only $5, or digital porn magazine might not sell for more than $3. A stack of 100 customers subscribing to the monthly editions would eventually add up to make the monthly sales over $800 for just a single publication. Just imagine the added up value for multiple publications and multiple digital adult magazine subscriptions on your site. Use the script resource in this content to build your own site and establish your business in the online magazine’s arena.

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