How to protect yourself as an Adult webcam model? Security checklist 101.

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Adult webcam models should be extremely careful. Of course, they don’t meet clients in real life. As they don’t meet clients in real life, they are unlikely to contract any Sexually Transmitted Diseases (STDs).  They just have to play by the rules of webcam sites to make more money.

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Then, why should they exercise great caution?

Very often, online webcam models carry the risk of being recorded. The recorded shows are everywhere. Right from popular tube sites to membership sites, almost every run-of-the-mill adult site hosts recorded shows of adult webcam model. The internet is a murky place and it’s likely that friends, family members and employers may easily find out what models do online.

For all intents and purposes, the best private cam sites do not ignore the privacy and security of their models. They take such aspects very seriously. As a matter of fact, the best cam girl sites are SSL (Secure Socket Layer) certified. In layman terms, information on the best cam girl sites is encrypted.

Is encryption the only answer for privacy and security questions? No!

There are many other proactive steps that online webcam models can take to protect their privacy and stay safe. Read on.

Many webcam girls do not read the guidelines and rules stipulated in the webcam sites. Many webcam sites have detailed notes on how to set up geographic restrictions and utilize them to the fullest. They also contain valuable information on how to leverage secure phone services. Invest some time, acquaint yourself with the guidelines and stay smart. More importantly, stay safe.

1. Use Geo-Blocking

The best private cam sites have several geo-blocking features. You can use them to block the internet traffic by IP addresses. You can delve deep into other parameters and block the internet traffic by state, by province, by country, etc. The underlying advantage is that you can conveniently hide your profile from your friends, family and employer.

2. Do NOT disclose your true location

Many clients, especially those from the US, are curious to learn about your location. Do NOT disclose your true location. If you are in Nevada, tell them that you stay in Nebraska. That should satisfy their curiosity to a great extent.

Feel at ease while lying through your teeth. It’s a matter of safety.

Here’s another noteworthy tip – Do not discuss any local events, fairs, and weather. A few states in the US are notorious for extreme weather.

Not so long ago, a webcam girl mistakenly shared an update on a major storm. Her client was able to trace her location to some extent. Nothing wrong happened. But it’s important to be safe than sorry. Right?

3. Do NOT reveal your true name

Of course, this is a well – known principle. However, many adult webcam models reveal their true name and land in the soup.

Picture this scenario – Let’s say you have a loyal client who keeps tipping you insane amounts of money. He pays you every week. He’s been doing this for the past 2 years and likes you very much. If he intends to know your true name, should you reveal the same? No!

Just pick out another alias and tell him that it’s your true name. No matter what, do NOT reveal your true name. As a matter of fact, do not commit the blunder of revealing any sort of personal details to clients.

It’s okay to disclose your pseudo names though. Maintain the same pseudo name and webcam name across multiple webcam sites. The moment your cam profile starts gaining traction, positive word spreads across webcam forums, platforms such as Tumblr, Reddit, Twitter, etc. Audiences will then start searching for your profile on multiple websites by using your webcam name. You can tap them and make BIG money.

4. Give vague and random responses

Can you say NO to clients?

Let’s say, a particular client is asking you to do something that’s not appropriate for your body. Just learn to say NO.

Let me share an experience here. A webcam girl was asked to ride an 11-inch dildo. She rode it and the next hour, she started bleeding profusely. She was hospitalized. It’s important to say NO by politely explaining to your clients that your body may be injured/ bruised and internal organs may rupture.

Now, consider this scenario – A client is asking you to disclose details such as your work place, your family details, etc. Details are harmless. So, do not say NO. Just give random and vague responses. Again, lie through your shiny teeth!

To be upfront, vague responses are the best and safe responses.

5. Do NOT click on the links provided by your client

Why do clients provide links? Maybe, just maybe, they want to credit more money into your account. The moment your account details are disclosed, jeopardy is in the offing.

A few clients are tech savvy. The moment you click on the links provided by them, your IP address may be grabbed. An IP address can reveal your location approximately.

6. Be observant to what your clients see

be observant

A simple view out of the window can jeopardise your safety. Not so long ago, a webcam girl inadvertently opened her room window. She just wanted the room to be well lit. Unfortunately, her client was able to see the outside view. He was able to trace her location. She ran into a lot of trouble and I learnt that she was forced to leave the city. Observant clients can be detrimental stalkers.

7. Do NOT accept PayPal

Let me tell you – It’s against the guidelines of PayPal to use it for adult services. More importantly, PayPal exposes your details to your client. In other words, your paying client will be able to see the name and details provided on the PayPal account.

8. Do NOT send mail to your client

A loyal fan may request you to send him a pair of used panties. Of course, selling used panties and lingerie, sex toys, etc. is a great money-spinning idea. But there’s a caveat.

When you mail items to your client, it just takes a few minutes for the recipient to figure out which post office has processed the package. He may figure out your approximate location.

9. Watermark your profile images

The best private cam sites allow you to watermark your profile images. They also allow you to watermark your broadcasts. This means that you can exercise great control over your online presence. If your videos are being uploaded to popular tube sites, you can contact the site administrators / owners and request them to remove your content. Watermarks will be your savior.

More often than not, tube sites respond quickly. You should first contact the administrators though. If nothing goes in your favor, you should then file a DMCA complaint indicating that your copyrights have been violated.

Sometimes, a few websites aren’t transparent. Adult webcam models have a tough time in figuring out who the site administrators are.

Here’s a trick – Go to and do a simple WHOIS search. In a vast majority of cases, this works.

10. Fraudulent behavior

This industry is fraught with immense fraud. It’s important to be proactive to do away with fraud.

Let’s say, you have a new client. If he is tipping insanely large amounts of money, it is likely that he may not be spending his own money. Again, not every new client is a fraud. You should immediately report to your site administrator if the new client:

  • Tips you money of monumental proportions and leaves the site immediately
  • Tips you BIG money without chatting / striking a conversation with you
  • Tips you great money while you are fully clothed
  • Tips you BIG money without your request and consent

Remember this rule of thumb. Very often, new tippers tip only small amounts of money. They like to see your skills, physique and erotic expressions. Slowly and subsequently, they may start tipping BIG money

If you suspect fraud, notify your site administrator without any delay.

Other important factors

  • Keep your passwords strong. Your passwords should be at-least 8 characters long. Include a few special characters, numbers and alphabet.
  • Create a separate email-ID for camming purposes. Do not reply to suspicious mails. It’s best to trash them.
  • Skype shows are not secure. There is little technical support available on Skype. Personal data is often lost and more importantly, it’s easy to track your geographical location. So, distance yourself from Skype and spend more productive hours on the best private cam sites

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