3 Best Japanese WebCamming Sites

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If not viewed, you have definitely at least heard of Japanese porn! It is all the rage right now. More and more people are trying Japanese porn and most of them are not getting disappointed.

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The reason to that may be a change of pace from the regular porn, yes, but the impeccable beauty of the Japanese porn stars and the incomparable variety of porn available are also important factors that weigh in.

Talking about wide variety, the Japanese porn industry might just be the most comprehensive one with every kind of porn and millions of sites! So it becomes difficult for one to figure out the best porn and webcam sites. But worry not, we are here to help.

Let’s now understand why the Japanese porn industry is so huge

Why is the Japanese Porn Industry So Big?

You will be dazzled to know that the Japanese porn industry is a $70 Billion-a-year industry! It has a lot of demand and therefore, a lot of supply. It’s just a simple law of economics. But what makes this, otherwise considered a taboo, industry so big in this country?

Well, the first reason is the societal mindset. Japanese society has always been a male dominant society and the idea of the sale of sex is not at all new. Unlike other Asian countries such as India and China, Japan has always been quite straight forward and open about sex. As a result of this openness, you see such explicit atmosphere in night clubs, bars, video stores, etc. Being exposed to this much of explicit content in the real world, a guy is obviously more likely to go home and watch adult content to get some!

Secondly, Japan has always caught on with the latest tech trends fast enough. It was introduced with porn videos and video stores earlier than any other Asian country. The added years of having such content has also given it an advantage of being more open towards using it.

Thirdly, there is no shortage of demand for the Japanese porn industry. The stagnant lifestyle of Japanese men due to long and defined working hours and commute hours, it is easier for them to look at porn than having actual relationships that involves sex. Surveys have shown that sex in japan is going down and this could easily have been an advantage for the porn industry. Also, the Japanese porn industry not only caters to the Japanese, but to people around the globe. China is a huge market, as well as many western countries dig it.

What We Learned At The Japanese Adult Expo (JAE)!

We learned pretty interesting facts about the porn industry in Japan form the JAE!

Firstly, some fans in Japan collect small Polaroid pictures of their favorite porn stars as a baseball card collection. They find their beloved porn stars, click the pictures on their Polaroid cameras, and then flaunt them in front of their social circles. That is quite an interesting notion for a person who may belong to a “Sex is a taboo” country like India.

There are very few professional male actors in adult content industry of Japan. In fact, there are as less as 70-80 male actors in the whole industry! A major reason of this might be the considerably less pay than the industries in western countries, but also, the tendency of Japanese porn to focus on the women.

The Geek niche is a high grossing niche in Japan. Videos featuring role plays of superheroes, fantasies, princesses etc. have a very high demand. This might again sound peculiar to foreign people since in most countries, this kind of porn comes under fantasies and fetishes that only a few out of the whole public wish to see.

The people hold their favorite porn stars very dearly and are generally ready to pay insane sums and amounts just to meet them or to get them to do something they would like. And this is exactly why the webcam model of adult porn business is very popular and high grossing in Japan. People like their porn stars to do various things for them like, for instance, slapping them, petting them, dominating them, being dominated and what not!

Basically, the Japanese porn industry is very unique in its own way and one, whether he is from the west or he be from the other Asian countries, should definitely in his lifetime check out a Japanese fetish!

But being such a large industry, it is definitely going to confuse you as to which site to visit for a mind boggling experience. Although, you don’t have to worry about that since we have compiled a list of the best adult webcam sites in the Japanese industry:

3 Best Webcamming sites

F2C Live

This site is famous for its very easy to understand user interface! With very clearly mentioned features about each individual model, you can easily surf through hundreds of them at once to find the right one, without wasting time with trial and error. You can see which model has HD cam, or toys, or which category does she identify with, for instance, granny, hairy, huge boobs etc.

You can even see how many other members are viewing her at that particular moment which could indicate the sexiness of the stuff she would be doing.


A Taiwanese site which uses a model’s information to match your needs! You can simply enter the kind of model you would like to chat with and the site will filter out the available options with those specifications for you. For example, if one day you suddenly feel like chatting with an old Japanese model, you would not have to waste time searching the right one. You can just add an age filter constraint and you will be shown with all the available options that are online!

It is a fairly cheap site, comparing to most others and you can enjoy in here at a sweet bargain. The models in here are extremely beautiful since some of them are also Taiwanese. This also could bring a little diversity to your taste!

Meiya Tokyo USA

This website is yet another crown jewel. This adult webcam site houses models of different ethnicities, eye and hair colors. Any day, it’s way better than other run-of-the-mill websites.

You can create your own webcam site by using an adult webcam script. Look for multiple monetization channels, scalability, compatible with smartphones and desktops etc.

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