Have you ever thought of running your own adult photo sharing website like Sex.com ?

Product page link – https://adent.io/products/xpins/

Introducing xPinsAdult photo sharing website ( A clone of sex.com ) – To understand it better, you can name it as Pinterest for porn.

Everyone knows about the popular social photo sharing website pinterest.com – a visual discovery tool to collect and share your interest.

Sex.com is pinterest of porn. It’s the highest price paid for a domain name – $14 million in 2006.

xPins – Adult Photo Sharing Website script

xPins is a product from Adent.io which allows you to setup and run your own adult photo sharing website like sex.com .

xPins is easy to setup and has tons of features. I’m going to quickly brief the list of features available with xPins.


xPins adult photo sharing script


Before doing that, I would like to discuss 4 major questions

  1. xPins – list of features and admin dashboard
  2. How can one make money with xPins?
  3. How much does xPins cost?
  4. General FAQ.

List of features:

Demo link – xPins demo ( front end )

Username – steveadent

password – password123

  • User can sign up / login.
  • He can add images, title and description.
  • All images can be linked to a third party website. ( user’s point of view has multiple revenue channels to make money here. )
  • He can use advanced search filters.
  • Add unlimited categories
  • User profile can like and comment on pictures.
  • Popular section – allows you to find out the popular images.
  • Static pages – about, terms, privacy, contact us etc.
  • Shows number of views and likes under each image post.
  • All posts are SEO optimized.
  • Edit user profile, fill up information.

Admin dashboard:

DEMO! Admin dashboard – Link ( admin / admin ).


xpins admin dashboard

  • General site settings
  • Change logo, setup site name, social profiles etc.
  • Add information to static pages.
  • Add and manage categories
  • Add and manage users
  • Add and manage comments
  • Manage Advertisement slots

How can you make money with xPins?

xPins has advertisement slots – you can show ad banners.

More ideas –

You can highlight sponsored images on top in homepage.
You can highlight sponsored images in search page.

Affiliate API Integration

For example – you can integrate skimlinks.com API and as a site owner – you can fill up your site with lots of products with corresponding images. When a user clicks the image – it will redirect to the product page with your affiliate ID append to the product link.

You can find Sex toy store affiliate programs and use their API to link it.

Great way to partner with Ecommerce site owners and send the traffic to make money.


adult photo sharing pinterest script

How much does xPins cost?

xPins cost $99.

It comes with Full source code and Free installation. You can use it on multiple domains.

One time purchase, no hidden costs. ( You need to have a domain and a server ).

Recommend server – Link ( You can get a shared server at $5 per month )



  1. Installation turnaround time? – 1 day.
  2. Can I install it on multiple domains? – Yes, it comes with unlimited domain licenses.
  3. Can I customize or add new features? Yes, you can do it. If you want us – do let us know your customization requirements.


  1. Vadanoiu Cristian

    What platform use for this?
    I can use a plugin for mass importer FHG with refeller link?
    Thank you

    • adentio99

      Please contact us to discuss more in detail. Yes, you can use mass importer plugin with referral link.

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