xPins - Adult Image Sharing Script

xPins allows you to run your own adult photo sharing website like Sex.com.

xPins is an adult photo sharing website software with multiple built in monetization channels. Built by pros of the adult industry, xPins can be setup as Pinterest for Porn. If you’re running an adult tube site, you can use xPins as a supplement website to bring more traffic through images.

xPins comes with tonnes of features in built. The user generated content will make the platform go viral like Imgur. Users can upload images and share it on different social platforms. xPins is easy to customize and extensible with a powerful plugin architecture. Code is written in PHP and is easy to read and understand.

xpins image sharing script

Start Your Own Adult Photo Sharing Website.
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xpins adult photo sharing script

xPins is a simple adult photo sharing website like Sex.com. If you’ve planned to run an Image sharing website with lot of user generated content, then xPins the right product fit.

xPins allows users to upload images to your platform and redirect them to multiple image sharing websites through their own affiliate URL. This gives opporuntity to make your photo sharing platform go viral.

It has multiple monetization channels and has numerous monetization ideas that can be customized and developed on xPins.

xpins image sharing script features

With xPins you can run an adult image sharing platform. Users can signup and upload images, scrap images from different sites and post it with their affiliate URL.

xPins is like a Pinterest image sharing site for Porn. Users can upload images, title, description and link the post to the original image sharing site. Images are linked via an affiliate URL to make more money. All the URL’s are SEO optimized.

xPins can be customized with your own brand and comes with 100% source code.

xpins adult gallery script

xPins has multiple monetization channels.
+ Affiliate system by posting third party affiliate URLs
+ Banner ad system

Power packed features – needs to be customized. ( Not available with the default base product )

You can highlight sponsored images on top in homepage.
You can highlight sponsored images in search page.

Affiliate API Integration

For example – you can integrate skimlinks.com API and as a site owner – you can fill up your site with lots of products with corresponding images. When a user clicks the image – it will redirect to the product page with your affiliate ID append to the product link.

You can find Sex toy store affiliate programs and use their API to link it.

Great way to partner with Ecommerce site owners and send the traffic to make money.

Adent Product Screenshot

All Adent products are built in-house by top class engineers who’ve worked in some high growth startups in the Silicon Valley and also in big name companies like Google, Amazon, etc.
  • Clean database structure and Optimized Queries for a super-fast website
  • Code based on Laravel Framework. Well documented and clean. Easy to find talent to customize
  • Super secure code. Protects against the evil hackers
  • SEO optimized URLs and content.
  • Video conversion / encoding done in background processes or using external services
  • Uses Laravel’s template engine and can be easily edited like editing an HTML file
  • CMS admin based control

xPins comes with tonnes of addons and modules. Apart from these modules, we at Adent take on custom work from time to time. Please reach out to us to check our availability on taking up xPins customization projects.

adult image sharing script

* MySQL (Version 5 or higher).
* MySQLi extension.
* PHP (Min: version 5 or higher, Rec: version 5.3 or higher).
* Apache Mod_Rewrite Enabled.
* GD Image library.

xPins - Power Packed Features

Adent’s xPins enables you to easily create a highly profitable adult photo sharing website business.

User uploads

In xPins, users can signup and upload their content ( photos, videos, audios ) for free. The platform is filled up with user generated content. All their content can be linked to their own website or affiliate URL’s.

Images linked to affiliate sites

The user uploaded content can be linked to third party affiliate websites. The site owner can use the images, audios and videos to be linked to a third party affiliate site. This is one of the important monetization channel.

Advanced search filters

User can filter posts by keyword title, categories, tags etc. Since it’s an user generated platform, millions of content will be indexed and we have used a scalable architecture to index and provide results for relevant content when searched upon.

Like & comment on content

User uploaded content can be liked, commented and shared on social sites. Other users can favorite a picture, video or audio and they can comment on it.

SEO optimized URL’s

xPins has new Search Engine Friendly URLs, for better indexing and ranking in search engines. All categories and post URL’s are search engine optimized. User profile URL’s are also SEO optimized and will index really easy.

Responsive design

xPins is built on a responsive design and easy adaptable on tablets, mobile phones and desktop computers. It uses HTML5, CSS3, Bootstrap framework and PHP MYSQL as a solid technology.

Auto Embed Videos

In xPins you can auto embed videos from YouTube, Vimeo, dailymotion, Metacafe and few other video sharing sites. You don’t have to upload your own videos. You can simply embed the videos from third party websites.

Auto Embed from Soundcloud

Similar to embedding videos, you can embed audio clips from Soundcloud. At the moment, we have only option to auto embed audios from sound cloud. If you need more websites, do reach out to us.

Scrape Images From Any Website

We’ve built an image scrapper where you input just the URL of the post from any website – it pulls out the image, title and description from the page. With just two clicks, you can start posting content to xPins platform.

Filter by post types

You can filter content on xPins by post types. You can filter posts by images, by videos and by audios.

Private messaging

Private messaging between users – users can send messages between each other.

Social sharing

Under each post, there is a social sharing icons. This makes your website post go viral on social media platforms.

Banner ad integration

Along with affiliate monetization channel, you can run banner advertisement. Banner ads are shown on homepage and post page. Signup with different ad networks and run banner ads.

Robust admin backend

With a robust admin backend you can manage all the content and users. You can change the logo, favicon, add meta title, description and keywords to your website. You can setup categories too.

User management

Manage all user signups and the content they upload from the website. You can ban or delete a user profile from the admin backend. You can see the content that they’ve uploaded to the website.

Manage posts and comments

Manage all the posts ( images, audio, videos ) from the admin backend. If you feel a content is violating the terms and conditions, you can simply remove or delete them. Same method goes for comments that user inputs into different posts.

Bulk upload images

Admin can bulk upload images from the admin backend. This will help the website initially to boost up with lot of content, so users are triggered psychologically to signup and add content of their own.

Manage static pages CMS

You can manage all static content on the website. You can add new pages and edit pages to add terms and conditions, privacy policy, 2257, DMCA page etc.

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Frequently asked questions

You’ve got questions? Great, we’ve got all the answers!

Where can I check the demo?

Front end demo – http://xpins.info/

Admin back end – http://xpins.info/admincp

Username – admin
Password – admin

How much is the cost? Is it a One time fee?

$99. Yes, it’s a one time fee. No recurring cost or hidden fees.

What do I need after I purchase the product?

You need a domain & VPS server to install the software.

VPS server recommendation – https://www.m3server.com/promo/adent/

Use our coupon code – ADENT for 75% off & also get a domain name for free.

Where can I find the feature list ?

You can find the feature list here – http://forums.adent.io/viewtopic.php?f=16&t=1825

Where can I find the Product demo videos ?

You can find it on our YouTube Channel –

How does it work?

You can find a detailed guide on how the software works here – http://forums.adent.io/viewtopic.php?f=16&t=1825

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